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Apple News is an iOS, iPadOS, and macOS app that delivers articles from newspapers, magazines, websites, and other sources. News automatically optimizes your content for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac to give your readers the best experience for their device.

As an Apple News publisher, you can use the in-depth design capabilities of Apple News Format to create unique articles with beautiful typography, compelling animations, and rich photo galleries and videos. You can then use the Apple News API to publish your content to News and manage your published articles.  To buy ios keyword installs to ranking your app on the App Store with our  App Ranking Service.

Getting Started as an Apple News Publisher

Apple News Format Tutorials

In these tutorials, you’ll download article.json files and follow steps to add code. Preview your changes in News Preview as you go. If you are not familiar with JSON or Apple News Format, see JSON Concepts and Article Structure before you get started.


Before beginning the tutorial, make sure you have the following installed:

Java 8

News Preview

The required version of Xcode for your News Preview version, as specified on the News Preview page. After you install Xcode, launch the application and agree to all license agreements. When you see the Welcome to Xcode window, you have finished installing Xcode.

iOS 11 or later SDK. This is part of the Xcode installation.

Text editing software of your choice. This is necessary only if you are editing the tutorial files yourself. See Choose a Text Editor.

Apple News Format

Apple News Format is the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format you use to create articles for Apple News.

An article created in Apple News Format can include text, images, audio, video, embedded social media, photo galleries, data tables, and interactive maps. You can enhance your article with animations, behaviors, and customized styles that let you create a unique look for your content. Your finished article is processed and rendered in Apple News.

With Apple News Format, you only have to author your content once. News automatically optimizes your articles for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac to give your readers the best experience for their device.

Article Publication and Management

Apple News API Tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll use Python to request channel data and publish an article to your channel. The tutorial assumes you are familiar with basic Python programming constructs and techniques. Beginning programmers should be able to follow along and run this tutorial.

Alternative Tutorial Code Languages

In addition to Python, the tutorial code is also available in Java, C#, and PHP. To get the code for all four, download the file.


Before beginning the tutorial, make sure you have the following information and installed software:

Channel ID, Key ID, and Key Secret. See Use your CMS with News Publisher in News Publisher User Guide.

Python. Ensure that you have PIP installed. PIP is automatically installed if you have Python 3.4+. See Installing Python Modules.

Python’s Requests library.

If you are not familiar with Apple News API endpoints, see Apple News API before you get started.

Apple News API

The Apple News API delivers Apple News Format articles to be published in the Apple News app and helps you manage and monitor those articles after they’ve been published.

Based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, the Apple News API has typical RESTful characteristics, which means that it:

Does operations on a set of resources. Resources are objects that have a type, associated data, and relationships to other resources. In the Apple News API, resources include channels, sections that you’ve set up for your channels (for example, Sports or Politics), and the articles that you want to publish and manage.

Has stateless operations. Interactions with the create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations are handled using only the information that comes with the request—no previous information or state is assumed. Therefore, requests made using the Apple News API must include all information required to complete the operation within the request.

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