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In the post-IDFA era, Apple’s SKAdNetwork2.2 ushered in important adjustments

At WWDC20 in 2020, Apple released iOS14, and emphasized that iOS14 will support AppTrackingTransparency and SKAdNetwork. Because the placement of digital advertisements on the mobile terminal basically relies on IDFA, this means that leads, data, and information are broken, and the entire marketing chain will be impacted. Recently, SKAdNetwork released version 2.2. During testing, ASO World Research Institute found some positive signs:

Currently in the iOS 14.5 version, it supports View-Through Ads for a variety of advertising forms (such as video, audio and interactive ads). For example, when a user clicks on a banner advertisement, if the user downloads a new App after jumping out of the current App , Which can be attributed to the source of this channel browsing advertisement (only single channel attribution is considered)

The returned attribution parameter contains the “redownload” field, which can be used to analyze whether the user repeatedly downloads and installs the App.

For developers, the above two positive signals are worth paying attention to.

About SKAdNetwork2.2

After IDFA access rights are adjusted, advertisers must obtain user consent to obtain channel attribution and user behavior tracking. In order to reduce the impact of this change, Apple has introduced an alternative solution-SKAdNetwork. In fact, as early as March 2018, Apple released SKAdNetwork 1.0 on iOS 11.3, but it did not promote widespread use. Last year, Apple actively updated it to version 2.0. After upgrading to version 2.0, it can solve the IDFA belt. Installation, and subsequent conversion behaviors such as registration and purchase in the App. However, the above two versions only support StoreKit-Rendered Ads (rendered ads).

Recently, Apple once again launched SKAdNetwork version 2.2. On the basis of the original tracking of App ads, it began to support tracking the click effects of ads in web pages such as iOS and iPadOS. In addition, it also added View-Through Ads (view-through ads). , Including video, audio and other forms of attribution tracking, developers can evaluate which ads are the most effective and can promote user conversion (such as purchase or registration), greatly reducing the impact of the upcoming IDFA access rights adjustment .

View-Through Ads can customize the advertising format

Previously, SKAdNetwork only supported one type of advertising, namely StoreKit-Rendered Ads (rendered ads), but the introduction of version 2.2 enables SKAdNetwork to also support View-Through Ads (browsing ads), which is applicable to the effects of two types of ads. track:

1. StoreKit-Rendered Ads (original):

This type of advertisement can directly call the download page of an App in the App Store in the App, and guide users to download directly and attribute it to the source of the channel.

2. View-Through Ads (new, currently only supported in iOS 14.5):

Developers can customize the form of advertisement presentation, such as banner, video, audio, pop-up window, etc., for example, when the user clicks on the banner in the App When advertising (the banner is not connected to StoreKit), users can go to the App Store to search and download by themselves, and this behavior can also be attributed to the channel. Developers can customize the advertising format according to their needs, and track the effect of advertising through SKAdNetwork 2.2.

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