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See how “faceapp”, an AI face-swapping software, is gaining momentum in the App Store!

At 3:00 am today, an AI face-swapping software named “faceapp” was among the top 1 on the App Store’s free app list, and its domination of the list continued until press time. How did “faceapp” quickly reach the top 1 of the App Store free app list? What are the similarities and differences with the first two face-swapping apps? In this article, Seven Wheat Research Institute will take you to find out.

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Similarities: the way of gaining volume + differentiation highlights

In recent years, “face value economy” has become a trend, and all kinds of consumer products related to face value have sprung up like a spring. It is very important to find the differentiated highlights and make use of the promotion platform’s flow to occupy the market quickly.

①Find the differentiation highlight

Avatarify”, which was popularized by “Ant Ya Hey”, and “ToonMe”, which was popularized by “Disney’s Princess at Large”, are the first two apps. Unlike the first two face-changing software that focus on magic and secondary positioning, “faceapp” hits the contemporary imagination of time machine, using this software can let you experience the amazing process of turning from a child into an old man, bringing you back to your childhood in a second, making this trend of “getting older” and “getting younger” sweep across the entire Jitterbug. “The company’s main goal is to provide a new and exciting way of life for its customers.

It is not difficult to find that the three face-changing software that have been on fire recently have all found their own differentiation highlights and achieved functions that other face-changing apps have not achieved, thus attracting users to download them.

②Use ShakeYin and other content platforms to make a strong appearance

The similarity between “faceapp” and the first two face-changing apps is that they have been rapidly gaining volume with the help of ShakeYin platform. Up to now, the topic #faceapp# has accumulated 6900w+ plays.

In addition to the short video platform, Qimai Research Institute found that there are also a large number of user-initiated uploads in Xiaohongshu, and the path to gaining volume is very similar to ToonMe. You can click “After “Ant Ya Hey”, Jitterbug has launched this “Disney Princess” special effects app!” to learn more about “ToonMe”.

The difference: targeting the head app and leveraging the momentum to start the volume

After tracing the source, we also found another code for “faceapp” to get the volume – targeting the head apps and leveraging the momentum to start the volume.

According to our observation, the function and name of this app are very similar to “FaceApp” from Russia.

Coincidentally, “FaceApp” was removed from the App Store in China on March 23, 2021, and the non-genuine app “faceapp” from China was re-released on April 3, 2021 with the same icon and app name as “FaceApp” after the update.

After this operation, “faceapp” seized the gap between the shelf of the genuine app (the genuine app’s popularity in ShakeYin was only increasing at this time) and made use of the momentum to gain volume.

In fact, this kind of “fake to be real” game is not new. Earlier, “Xiaohongshu” was removed from the App Store due to some problems, and during the period of removal, a large number of “Xiaohongshu City”, “Xiaohong Seeds” and “Xiaohong Yanxiao” appeared in the App Store. The app with the name “Little Red Book” took the opportunity to rub the heat of “Little Red Book”, and the icons of these apps also turned into a water of red, making people dumbfounded for a while.

In the heyday of “Clubhouse”, when it was hard to find a code, a large number of developers developed similar voice social apps overnight, and set the icon, name and other metadata very similar to the genuine app, and then quickly launched the App Store, trying to get a share of the domestic market.


Recently, there have been three face-swapping software one after another, we seem to be able to glimpse some of the code to get the volume: one, to find the differentiated highlights to meet the needs of users; two, with the ability to spread and flow of content platforms such as Jieyin and Xiaohongshu. In addition, the way of “faceapp” is also one of the ways to get the volume.

In the short term, by changing the icon and app name, the number of downloads can be increased for a period of time; however, in the long term, such a way of rubbing hotspots may bring the hidden danger of infringement. In addition, since hotspots are time-sensitive, it is impossible to retain users just by copying and plagiarizing without making efforts on functions and user experience.

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