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Apple has adjusted the App Store feature display format in the new system

Apple has officially released iOS/iPadOS 14 Developer Preview Beta 3 to kick off a new round of iOS/iPadOS system testing. Then, on July 24, Apple released the second public beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, and users will be able to check for iOS 14 public beta updates after joining Apple’s public beta program.

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Apple has adjusted the App Store feature display format

According to the timing rules of previous years, there will be a month or so before we see the official iOS 14 release, which will surely bring a wave of dividends for developers then, too. Usually, the release of a new version will also bring some adjustments to the App Store. In this year’s WWDC20 announcement, iOS14 has adjusted the App Store’s thematic display format, returning a card-style display to a list of recommended apps.

In fact, in addition to the search and ranking traffic entrance, the traffic brought to the product by the recommendation of the topic is also not to be underestimated, but do you really understand the topic?

What is App Store feature

In 2017, after the official release of iOS11, the “Fine Recommendation” at the bottom menu of App Store was changed to “Daily Recommendation (Today)”.

In Today, the App Store started to recommend more apps in the form of cards with descriptive descriptions, which is the prototype of “Features” (in some systems, they appear under the name of “Stories”).

Scroll down to see the Today recommendations page

On September 20, 2018, after Apple adjusted the display of App Store search results in China, “Features” also appeared in the App Store’s search interface, in addition to Today.

Although the ranking of topics in search results is not fixed, and the display position of the same topic varies when searching for different keywords, the ranking is still relatively high, basically displayed in the first to fifth position of natural search results.

In April 2019, the “Featured” recommendation portal also appeared in the drop-down list of the App Store search box. When searching for “music”, the link “Search for ‘music’ in stories” appears among the association terms, and the search results are presented as music-related topics when the link is clicked. The search results presented are music-related topics.

Today, the search results and the association box are the three main exposure positions for the feature, which means that if an app can enter the feature, it has a chance to appear in these three positions. From the phenomenon that many apps get recommended by the App Store, the feature display format undoubtedly provides more opportunities for app users.

App Store feature display format

At present, there are three main display forms of App Store features.

Form 1: Recommending multiple apps with one theme

Form 2: Recommending one App with one story

Form 3: Recommending multiple apps with one story

How to become a feature

App Store features can help products get more exposure and traffic, there is no doubt about it. However, at present, Apple does not open the self-referral portal, so if developers want to be recommended, the best way is to go through Today’s self-referral channel.

After being recommended by Apple, you will have a chance to appear as a feature on the Today page, and the chance of a feature appearing on the Today page appearing in the search results is very high. Therefore, when recommending your product to Apple, if you feel that your product’s attributes are a good match for a feature currently online in the App Store, you can take the initiative and try to explain it to Apple. Or write a special story about your product for Apple’s editors to select.


In addition to search and listings, the ability of features to gain volume should not be overlooked. In iOS14, App Store search results have been adjusted from card format to list format, so users can download the products directly without clicking into the list, which undoubtedly provides convenience for products displayed at the head of the list to gain volume. Although there is no self-referral portal for features, developers can still try to apply for more traffic from Apple by self-referring through Today.