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App Store News – high search index keywords are most likely to be recommended!

Among the new apps, games, tools, business, education, life and food and drink apps were the most numerous; among the shelved products, games apps were the most numerous, with a total of 11,623. In addition, business, education, life, tools, and entertainment apps were also removed from the shelves in September.

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In September 2020, a total of 41,499 products were added to the App Store, maintaining a relatively stable status, and a total of 58,955 products were removed from the App Store, with a significant decrease in the number compared with August and the same as the removal in July, which shows that the situation has returned to a more stable one after the big cleanup in August.

Monthly Statistics of Review Cycle in September

The average review time was 18.47h, and the average review time on weekdays was 16.32h, which was a slight decrease in review efficiency.

Monthly Ranking of Rejected Terms in September

Clause 4 (Design), Clause 4.8 (Login through Apple), and Clause 3.1.1 (In-app purchase items) were also among the more rejected categories.

September Title/Sub-title Statistics

Among the titles reviewed in September, the number of titles with 1-5 characters in the main title range was the largest, with a total of 19,310 titles, followed by titles with 6-10 characters, with a total of 11,015 titles; among the subtitles, the title character range was mainly concentrated in the 6-10 and 11-15 ranges, with 9,765 and 7,315 titles respectively.

The keyword “platform” is still the most frequent word in the title, with 3321 times, accounting for 10.64%. The next most frequently used words are “game”, “management”, “life”, “video”, “software” and “software”. Software”, “Assistant”, “Service”, “Learning” and “Smart”. Smart”. The above 10 keywords are used more frequently in App names.

The trend of keyword ranking optimization rate in September

In September, the average achievement rate of keyword ranking optimization was 86.5%, which was more stable compared with the average achievement rate of 84.61% in August. the highest achievement rate was 94% on September 21 and the lowest rate was 63% on September 9.

Analysis of September App Store Hot 100 listings

In September, there were 4,906 products on the Hot 100 list, a significant decrease compared with the 6,738 products in August. In the previous monthly Hot 100 list, game products usually accounted for more than 50%, while the number of game products on the App Store Hot 100 list increased to 100% in September.

The search indexes of keywords that were on the Hot Search list in September were mainly distributed in the range of 7000-7999, accounting for 44.24%, followed by keywords with search index ≥8000, accounting for 36.43%. It can be seen that the keywords with high search index are more likely to be on the hot search list.