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Spotslights & Challenges about WWDC21

Join a challenge and enjoy coding and design challenges create fun, interactive ways for you to explore the latest technologies and frameworks, and share your creations with others.

Table of Contents

Spotslights & challenges about WWDC21

Achievement Unlocked — Series Finale

Graphics & Games

Whether your game is divided into chapters, levels, or challenges, you can use achievements to help progress your narrative in unique and interesting ways. In our last challenge of the week — our series finale — we invite you to create a series of achievements that tell a story and encourage people to complete a set of tasks.

Create amazing documentation

Developer Tools

Explore Xcode’s new documentation features and learn how to add documentation to your own framework or package — or to your favorite open source project.

Create fun visual effects in Swift Playgrounds

Coding & Design Essentials

Ever wonder how to make it seem like confetti is raining down from the sky? Or how to create a kaleidoscope effect using code? This challenge gets you to create an artistic rendering using only shapes and your imagination.

Focus on Focus in SwiftUI


Focus can help people move through your app efficiently, whether they’re using the keyboard, Siri Remote, Apple Watch Digital Crown, or accessibility features. Find an interaction within your app and show us how you would use the SwiftUI Focus APIs to fine-tune that interaction.

Framework Freestyle

Augmented Reality

One ARKit sample app. One framework of your choosing. What can you create in 100 lines of code or less?

Memgraph capture the flag

Developer Tools

One of our engineers has hidden a memory easter egg in our secret app. We need your help to find it, but all we know is that it has the format `flag_<unknown_string_here>@WWDC`. Using only macOS command line tools, investigate the memory issue, recover missing symbols, and capture the rogue flag.

Voice Control Synonyms

Accessibility & Inclusion

Challenge yourself to make your app accessible through Voice Control and provide support for voice-based interaction.