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Challenge & Special Topics on WWDC 2021

Join Apple engineers and designers throughout the week as they host text-based Q&As on developer tools, SwiftUI, accessibility, and machine learning. Chat about special topics as below, watch the keynote and state of the union.

Table of Contents

Challenge& Special Topics on WWDC 2021

Create an engaging tutorial

Developer Tools (also Swift)

Learn how to write an interactive tutorial to show developers how to use your own project — or add a tutorial to an existing open source project.

Explore spatial audio soundscapes

Audio & Video

Use spatial audio to tell more immersive stories in your app and explore the demo used in the “Immerse your app in spatial audio” session.

Prototype with SwiftUI

SwiftUI (Also design)

While SwiftUI is a powerful framework, one of its key features is its simplicity. Designers with very little knowledge of code can easily create prototypes with human-readable syntax and interactive Xcode Previews. As we say goodbye to WWDC21, we invite you to say “hello, world” with a brilliant SwiftUI-based prototype.

Sense the world around you in Swift Playgrounds

Coding & Design Essentials

Just like our senses, our devices constantly gather data from their environment, and can use that information to do interesting and important things. In this challenge, you’ll harness this device sensor data to create a visualization or experience of your choosing.

VoiceOver Maze

Accessibility & Inclusion

Navigate to the end of a dark maze using VoiceOver as your guide.