TikTok shopping jumps 553% over last year

Shopping on TikTok rose a whopping 553% in the last 12 months as more users turned to their mobile phones to make purchases.


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TikTok shopping jumps 553% over last year

The popular short-form video platform has been using its #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag to boost purchasing.

That’s according to new research by Bazaarvoice’s Influenster.

The increase is nearly three times higher than on Instagram (189%) and Facebook (160%) for the same period.

However, Instagram continues to be the most popular platform for visual shopping experiences (64%), followed by Facebook (45%) and TikTok (24%).

“The impact of the pandemic on social commerce is significant. Over the past year, commerce has become a cornerstone feature for social platforms, as consumers have spent more time on social apps. Brands that have realised this opportunity have succeeded, as consumers are now more likely to see – and be influenced by – brand advertising, user generated content (UGC) and influencer posts” said SVP EMEA at Bazaarvoice, Ed Hill.

Meanwhile, Pinterest saw a 356% growth in purchases over the past 12 months. The company recently unveiled a partnership with Shopify.

One of the main reasons why shoppers flock to social media channels to buy products is product relevance (47%) followed by features of products (41%) and visual content (27%) as well as pricing (27%).

Loyalty has taken a bit of a hit as 56% of consumers admit to making purchases from new brands they’ve come across on via social media.