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Top apps ranking in June: Ali overtakes Tencent

In the popular app download list in June, the “National Anti-Fraud Center” led the download list with an estimated download volume of nearly 800w; the ranking of “WeChat” rose by 1 place compared with the previous month, ranking second in the App Store app download list ; “Pinduoduo” rose 2 places from last month, ranking third.

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Top apps ranking in June: Ali overtakes Tencent

There are 4 new apps on the hot app download list in June, one less than the previous month. From the perspective of developers, the number of Alibaba apps surpassed Tencent last month, with 5 apps on the list; Tencent and ByteDance’s apps are the next most popular, with 4 and 3 apps on the list respectively.

Among the types of apps on the list, the number of photography and video apps is still the largest, with 5 models on the list, of which 3 are from ByteDance and 2 are from Kuaishou; the number of shopping apps is second, and the number is the same as last month, with 4 Enter the list.

In the popular application revenue list, the top 5 applications have not changed for 3 consecutive months, namely “Tik Tok”, “Tencent Video”, “iqiyi”, “QQ Music” and “Youku”. Among them, “Tik Tok” ranked Top 1 in the revenue list with an estimated revenue of 6000w+.

The popular application revenue list

In the popular application revenue list in June, there is only one new application, which is “comparable to the heart” of social apps. In terms of the types of apps on the list, social and entertainment apps have the largest number of apps on the list, with 7 apps on the list, followed by books and music apps, with 3 apps on the list.

In terms of the vendors of the applications that entered the list, 9 applications from Tencent are on the list, and they have an absolute advantage in attracting money.

The Top 30 popular apps in June has fierce competition, and the revenue list is particularly evident. There is only one new app in the Top 30. Except for the new apps, the ranking changes of the apps on the list are all within 3; attracting money The applications are mainly concentrated under Tencent, and the two categories of social and entertainment applications still maintain a strong momentum of attracting gold.