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Creations on the Apple Developer Forums using the WWDC21 Challenges Tag

Released throughout the week, coding and design challenges create fun, interactive ways for you to explore the latest technologies and frameworks, and share your creations with others. Join the fun with interactive ways to explore the latest technologies and frameworks. Share your creations on the Apple Developer Forums using the WWDC21 Challenges tag.

Table of Contents

Creations on the Apple Developer Forums using the WWDC21 Challenges Tag

Achievement Unlocked – Fabulous Fails

Graphics & Games

Creating achievements that surprise and delight players as they make their way through a game can help provide a strong feeling of accomplishment, and even make people laugh. We challenge you to create or share a Fabulous Fails achievement that is fun, strange, and delightful.

Animated artistry in SwiftUI


Put trigonometry to good use and show us your artistic side by creating a stunning graphical animation in SwiftUI.

Build an app that recognizes custom audio through ShazamKit

Audio & Video

ShazamKit lets you use custom audio catalogs inside your app to recognize that same audio “in the wild.” Dream up your own ShazamKit audio matching experience as you work off a starter sample project.

Build an app using built-in Sound Classification

ML & Vision

With Sound Classification, you can create experiences for camera, video, productivity, and game apps on all Apple platforms — and for this challenge, we’re inviting you to explore a sample project and build your own.

Create your first 3D model with Object Capture

Augmented Reality

Object capture provides a quick and easy way to create lifelike 3D models of real-world objects using just a few images. Use the new Object Capture Swift API to build your very own 3D model from scratch.

Design a quiz in Swift Playgrounds

Coding & Design Essentials

Design a “How well do you know me?” quiz using Swift Playgrounds to see who knows the most about your quirks and interests.

Speech Synthesizer Simulator

Accessibility & Inclusion

Simulate a conversation using speech synthesis.

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