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February online education popular app rankings, education apps become important tool for parent-child education

Recently, ASOWorld data released the ranking list of popular online education apps (iOS), including download list and income list.

The top 3 in the download list are “Driving Test Book”, “Homework Help” and “Wen Ku University Student Edition”; the top 3 in the income list are “Hong En Literacy”, “Driving Test Book” and “Uncle Kai Talk” story”. The ranking of Baidu’s “Wenku University Student Edition” rose by 8 places and entered the top 3 download list.

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February Online Education Download Ranking

Compared with January, the rankings of the top 3 apps fluctuated: “Driving Test Book” rose by 1 place, surpassing “Homework Help” to occupy the top 1 of the download list; “Wenku University Student Edition” rose by 8 places to occupy the third place name. In addition, Zhimei Zhixue’s learning data sharing platform “Quick Assignment”, which helps students from grade one to grade three to quickly check their homework, has more than 20 apps, ranking fourth.

In February, there were 6 new apps on the list. Compared with January, there were 2 more apps. The types of new apps on the list are mainly concentrated in the two categories of K12 and preschool education. Among them, there are 3 K12 education apps, which are ” “Homework Wizard”, “Homework Assistant” and “Notes”; there are 2 preschool education apps, namely “BabyBus World” and “Children’s Rhymes”; the remaining one is the English learning app “English Fun Dubbing”.

In the Top 30, although the number of K12 education apps decreased by 2 compared to January, it still occupied the Top 1 with 11 apps; followed by preschool education apps, with 6 apps on the list, an increase compared to January There are 2 models.

From the perspective of the App companies, the companies with the most apps on the list are Boat Going Sea and Yuanli Education, both of which are on the list. Among them, Boat Going Sea’s math homework tutoring app “Homework Helper Calculation” has been downloaded as a new list application. Top 30 on the list; Baidu has two apps on the list, ranking second, and the two apps on the list are all focused on the “Library” function.

Online Education Income Rankings for February

In the online education income list in February, the top three apps are still “Hong En Literacy”, “Driving Test Collection”, and “Uncle Kai Tells Stories”. Among them, “Hong En Literacy” and “Uncle Kai Storytelling” are both preschool education apps.

In February, the number of new apps on the list was the same as in January, with 4 models covering 4 categories: language learning, K12 education, vocational training, and preschool education. Among them, the preschool education app “Quagua English” is ranked 7th on the list. “Jiliya” belongs to the same company-Chengcheng Network.

In the income list, preschool education apps are still the most, with 11 apps on the list; language learning and vocational training apps have 6 apps on the list.

Hong En Education still has the largest number of apps on the list, with a total of 4 apps on the list; Chengcheng Network and Liu Lishuo both have 2 apps on the list.

Sum up

During the winter vacation, the demand for “parent-child education” such as searching for questions, homework guidance, and accompanying children’s enlightenment and growth has increased: in the online education app download list in February, “Quick assignments”, “Gaotu Classroom”, “Hong En Literacy”, “Banyu” The rankings of K12 and pre-school education apps such as “Picture Book” have risen, and the new apps on the list are also mainly concentrated in the K12 and pre-school education fields; in the online education app revenue list in February, pre-school education apps are on the list 11, accounting for 36% of the list , And still maintain a strong momentum of attracting gold.

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