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AdMob monetization practice: How to successfully lift invalid traffic restrictions within 15 days?

Seeing an improvement in AdMob’s monetization model, it suddenly encountered Google’s current limit. Why does the account encounter an invalid traffic limit warning?

From 2020 to the present, AdMob has undergone several major adjustments, using its powerful technology to crack down on various violations. Since the ban on Cheetah Mobile in February, many illegal methods have become AdMob’s key targets.

The author has just experienced a wave of policy current restrictions recently. The author’s APP was released in early June, and began to be available in mid-June after it went live, and then saw advertising revenue in AdMob. On June 24, the ad fill rate suddenly dropped, and an email was received at the same time. AdMob restricted the ad display because it suspected that we had a false traffic problem.

Seeing that the ad display was restricted, I wondered if I stepped into the giant pit again. At that time, APP only received the AdMob advertising network, very frustrated, and did not know how to deal with it. Then I read some introductions on the Internet and was restricted by the policy. The reason given in the email was invalid traffic.

Immediately read AdMob’s invalid traffic policy, the content is as follows:

app store policies

I carefully reviewed the entire process of our APP, from development to release. None of us have clicked on the official ads, and the test ads have always been used in the testing process. I don’t know why it will be restricted.

Then we carefully checked the AdMob report and found some clues. On the 18th, there were less than 200 ad requests, only more than 60 impressions, and a thousand impressions eCPM was 8.03 US dollars. The source of APP users is mainly from the Indonesian region. Developers who are familiar with the region should be aware that the 1,000 impressions in the Indonesian region should be less than US$3, and most of them are only about 0.8.

And it was the abnormal data on this day that triggered the policy flow restriction measures and was judged to be invalid traffic. According to AdMob’s prompt information, the maximum limit is 30 days, during which the program will be automatically reviewed.

At this time, we can’t do anything, and we don’t dare to stop sampling. If we think about this, we have to wait 30 days. Isn’t this a waste of traffic? After the traffic was restricted, the ad impression match rate dropped from 99% to below 4%.

We also started looking for other advertising platforms, and later docked with Facebook’s Audience Network. The version was updated on July 1. Subsequently, on July 3, it was suddenly discovered that AdMob’s advertising traffic had returned to normal, but after checking the AdMob background, the policy reminder was still there.

In the next few days, I will check the AdMob backend every day to see if the policy restriction reminder message is still there. After July 3, the advertisement display data I saw has returned to normal, but the policy restriction reminder still exists. Until July 9th, the policy reminder message disappeared from the AdMob backend. I checked the email deliberately and did not receive an email reminder to lift the restriction.

Back to normal till now, our AdMob has not experienced other abnormalities. The next step is to wait for the income to exceed $100, and then complete the first collection. The AdMob ad monetization process is complete.

After this time, our understanding is: AdMob conducts data monitoring on all advertising accounts, and if an abnormality is found, it will restrict traffic. Especially the account you just applied for, be sure to pay attention. If it is restricted by any chance, keep normal ad requests and check your own traffic channels at the same time. My APP purchase this time is Google Ads. I believe there is no problem with the traffic. At the beginning, we were not sure how long the restriction would be lifted. Fortunately, the actual consumption time was much less than we expected. The traffic restriction lasted for a total of 8 days.

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