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App Store Terminology: CPI definition and how to achieve success in the application market through CPI?

What is CPI?

CPI (Cost Per Install) campaigns are specific to mobile applications. In a Cost Per Install campaign, publishers place digital ads across a range of media in an effort to drive installation of the advertised application. The brand is charged a fixed or bid rate only when the application is installed.

What can you do with this type of downloads?

Traffic for earning money

CPI traffic gives purchases and activities in the app you can get money for.Traffic for earning money

Promote your app in the category

Your Android application can get thousands of installs at the market page. You will grow in the category by them.

Balance promotion by keywords

When you order +1000 keyword installs to reach your top 1 for the super competitive word, you need some 1000 more CPI installs to make this app drowth in rank natural.

Index your Android app with cheap CPI

A new application can not be found at Google Play for its relevant keywords. To make it visible, start with some installs from cheap sources of traffic.

How to make app marketing successful and safe?

If you order motivated traffic from one of the CPI/CPA networks (for example, Google Ads is one of the most well-known traffic providers) you begin to get impressions (moments ads are shown to the potential clients) as soon as you press Start and your balance is topped up. This is not keyword promotion, as you target the audience by location, demographics, but not the search intention itself.

When you press “Start” at the keyword campaign, a pull of users from targeted locations gets the task to search for your application by a certain word or phrase (you choose it creating the campaign) and to install it. They search, download, and open the application. So, the install is listed by the algorithm. After that, motivated people keep the application on their phones from 2-3 to 14 days. This motivated behavior gives maximum results for the rank growth. These installs are called motivated or incentivized because those users are paid for installing your app.

You can also control the number of installs and spread them throughout the day. Keyword campaigns have more instruments for tuning up your promotion by installs.

Do you get the results during promotion?

Yes, you do. The idea of ​​traffic from ads is that you pay and get first app page visits (and probably installs) the moment you launch the campaign. Installs from the ads are useful when you get the revenue from marketing, when you have to index the new application or balance the motivated installs (so keyword search by them does not look suspicious). However, keyword installs do not give the results the moment you start the order.

First installs by keywords are made as soon as you make the order, but to track them you need to look into Google Play or App Store Console. It takes up to 2 days for Google to update the information, when data about the iOS app will be visible within 24 hours.

Installs by keywords grow your app search ranks. And positions by keywords give you organic visibility.

You should understand that incentive installs by keywords give the ranks, but motivated people do not use your applications or make in-app purchases. They open and simulate the activity within the app and that is the greatest difference from ordinary paid traffic.

What will happen with my app after promotion?

When you stop your paid ads campaigns, the traffic flow will also stop. That means you will no longer get app page visitors and downloads. But when the keyword promotion stops, you are at the maximum positions by your most relevant words and phrases. If your application is optimized and has a high conversion by these keywords, you will lose positions gradually or do not lose them at all.

The app we used for this case was promoted by these keywords (dating app, dating done right, dating near me, dating nearby app, near me dating app, singles near you) 3 months ago. For the last 3 month with no promotion, dynamics by these words & phrases was the following:

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