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Top Online Education App Rankings in January: Preschool Education App Strongly Absorbs Money

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In 2020, the field of online education will obtain development opportunities and face fierce competition, with opportunities and challenges coexisting; at the beginning of 2021, what changes have taken place in the online education track? Recently, ASOWorld data released the January online education rankings (iOS side), including the download list and the income list: the top 3 download lists are “Homework Help”, “Driving Test Collection” and “Learning Power”; income; The top 3 in the list are “Hong En Literacy”, “Driving Test Guide” and “Uncle Kai Tells Stories”. Among them, the “Driving Test Book” scored outstandingly, ranking Top 2 in both lists.

January Online Education Download Ranking

In the Top 30 online education download list in January, the three apps of “Homework Help”, “Driving Test Book” and “Learning Power” still rank top 3 on the list, and their ranking remains unchanged compared with December.

The 4 new ones on the list are all K12 education apps, namely “Question Calendar”, “Learning Together”, “Quick Assignment” and “High Way Class”.

Among the Top 30, K12 education apps have the largest number, with 13 apps on the list, accounting for 43%; secondly, vocational training, higher education, and preschool education apps rank second, with 4 apps on the list.

From the perspective of App vendors, the company with the most apps on the list is Yuanli Education, with 4 models on the list, and the second-ranked vendors are Baidu, Hexu Information, Boat Going to the Sea, and Xueersi, with 2 apps on the list. List.

The top 4 products in the online education category revenue list in January have not changed compared with the previous month. They are still 4 apps: “Hong En Literacy”, “Driving Test Collection”, “Uncle Kai Tells Story”, and “Baidu Wenku”. “Hong En Literacy” and “Uncle Kai Storytelling” are both preschool education apps.

Among the 4 new apps on the list, 2 are K12 education apps, which are “Good Score Parent Edition” and “Learning Together”, 1 is a vocational training app-“Exam Book”, and the other 1 is a preschool education app “ABC Reading”.

In the income list, early education apps are the most, with 10 apps on the list; language learning, vocational training, and K12 education have 5 apps on the list.

Hong En Education’s apps have obvious advantages in attracting money. A total of 4 apps have entered the list; Netease and Liu Lishuo have 2 apps in the list.


Based on the online education app downloads and income rankings in January, K12 education apps are prominent in the download list with a large number of users, while the ability of preschool education apps to attract money cannot be underestimated; Yuanli Education and Hong En Education separately in January Become the manufacturer with the largest number of apps on the download list and revenue list, and its App has obvious advantages.

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