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How to Use the Brave Browser to Earn Cryptocurrency

Mobile browsers have been in transformation and upgrading mode, and the related products have been mainly tool-based App, and the main demand of users generally lies in basic functions such as searching information. However, as the impact of the Internet on users continues to deepen and user needs increase, the information, functions and content carried by browsers have become more diverse.

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BAT leads the browser market, Alook is not to be underestimated

With the decreasing demographic dividend, many browser developers have started to try to transform themselves from a single tool-based attribute to a content aggregation platform to enhance user time and frequency. 2018 has seen the browser industry enter a mature phase, with browsers relying on content to drive user growth as the main driver, and creating differentiated products is an important breakthrough for browser App development.

According to the Top10 browser App downloads (iOS) in the past year, the ranking situation can be seen, BAT major manufacturers lead the entire industry, Baidu, Ali and Tencent occupy the Top3 position with an absolute advantage, while Baidu and Ali are still exploring wider areas of the browser to consolidate their position in this market.

In the download ranking, “Alook”, a paid app in the 10th place, makes people take a look at it. The download volume of paid products can rival that of free products, which means that it is definitely loved by users in terms of functions and contents, and it can also be seen from its product rating evaluation.

Users are not satisfied with browsing information

Among the many browser apps, there are mainly 3 types of products.

Tools. Mainly belongs to the comprehensive platform, search-based, content-bearing supplement involving: news, novels, life, technology and other types of content.

News. Mainly news content, fast as a breakthrough to attract users who want to understand the latest news content, involving the same breadth of fields, domestic and international news, sports, social and other types of news information, news reports, etc.

Mainly navigation-based browser, supplemented by content, users can access the surrounding content through the location of a territorial browser.

For users concerned about the browser App with the function, mainly to browse information, search information, Web site navigation, download applications, entertainment games, shopping and payment 6 major aspects, of which browsing information, search information is the main demand function. This is also a side feedback that users have always had a constant need for content.

After the WeChat app, Baidu applets and light applications are also available in all major browsers to meet the fragmented entertainment needs of users. Targeted topics for special times can also improve users’ browsing efficiency and user experience. During the college entrance exams, QQ Browser launched special content for college entrance exams, so that users can search for information related to college entrance exams more directly.

Advertisements and poor page flow affect the user experience

By comparing the content of most browser ratings and reviews, we summarized the 6 major problems that users have with the browser app. (As shown in the figure)

Among them, advertising pop-ups and page not smoothly become the main reasons. There are many users who point out that there are too many ads on the browsing page in the reviews. Pop-up ads are the main means of cashing in most browser apps, and when users use mobile browsers, pop-ups affect the user experience extremely, and pop-up ads need to be used with extreme caution when setting ads, which will probably make users lose. The second problem is that the page is not smooth, mainly in the loading speed when watching videos, which is another reason why “Alook” is loved by users, its main 2 times faster browsing, so many users are based on the recognition of its browsing speed.

Of course, in response to the problem of browsing speed, the company has also come up with its own measures to meet the users who pursue browsing speed in the form of a very fast version, reflecting the main functions and increasing the speed, which also makes many users give their approval.


Expanding function ≠ affecting experience. From the setting of product functions, more and more products keep adding extra functions to improve product comprehensiveness, which can reach to meet different users’ needs, but it is also necessary to consider whether the main users’ experience is affected while meeting users’ needs, and if the damage is relatively large, the loss is not worth the gain.

User comments are the most direct opinion of the product experience. User comments are very important for product guidance and optimization, and are a source of inspiration for the continuous progress of a product. The competitive Internet era is constantly changing, and optimizing user experience is a powerful means for products to improve their competitiveness.

Promotion optimization is no longer single. From the perspective of promotion optimization, user growth is the ultimate goal of optimization. In addition to ensuring ASO optimization, means like “Alook” paid to earn free limited-time experience; Baidu and Ali product linkage promotion; ensuring timely and readable content; generating snapshots to promote dissemination can all in turn promote user growth.

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