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B&Bs highlights – Travel Apps competition on the iOS platform

According to the top 200 travel apps with B&B function or B&B platform, Ctrip, Flying Pig Travel and Ma Hive Travel have all exceeded 2000w downloads on the iOS platform; there is not much difference in the number of new users between the top 5 and top 10 apps, and competition is fierce.

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According to the current development of B&B App, the App launched from 2010 to 2012 has basically formed a certain scale, and the performance of short term rental and B&B App is more prominent among the later launched products.

B&Bs are getting a lot of attention, and the popularity of accommodation platforms is increasing

A series of long holidays have just ended: May Day, June 1 and the Dragon Boat Festival, during which B&Bs are still hard to find, with some even being booked out a month in advance.

From China Railway Corporation was informed that, on the Dragon Boat Festival holiday transportation (June 6 to June 9), the national railroad sent a total of 50,744,000 passengers, an increase of 3,636,000 passengers, an increase of 7.7%. June 7, the national railroad sent 14,245,000 passengers, an increase of 1,007,000 passengers over last year’s Dragon Boat Festival peak day, a single day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday passenger delivery A historical high. This is also an indirect indication that people are becoming more accustomed to the consumer concept of enjoying life and enjoying travel.

The same is true for the increasing acceptance of B&B, according to the keyword search index of “B&B”, the search index of B&B in the past six months is growing trend.

According to the “China Shared Accommodation Development Report 2018” released by the National Information Center, the average annual growth rate of China’s B&B turnover is 65%, and the market transaction size is expected to reach 50 billion yuan in 2020, with more than 6 million units of accommodation.

The penetration rate of B&Bs to the accommodation industry in China is only 2%, compared to 25% in the U.S. There is still room for 6 – 8 times growth in the next 5 years, and it is expected that the penetration rate of B&Bs to hotels in China will reach 15% by 2023. This once again illustrates the rapid development of B&Bs and the high level of user recognition.

Of course, in terms of B&B-related products, the advantages of integrated platforms and lodging platforms are gradually being reduced, and apps that simply provide accommodation are better able to satisfy users who are looking for “enjoyment” and are usually more cost-effective.

Policy Regulation, B&B Economy to Slow Down

The problem with the recent “sneak peek”, “bed sheet” and “complaint” …… is that the B&B, which was once expected to be the landing place for poetry and faraway sentiments, and the yearning of the literary youth, which was constantly exposed through variety shows, has to face the same “seven-year itch” all the way from 2012. The reality is that the “seven-year itch” is still in the air.

On une 15, 2018, the implementation of Japan’s “Residential Accommodation Business Law”, which is known as the most stringent, did not comply with the new law and unregistered B&Bs were subjected to comprehensive shelf treatment, once causing the Japanese B&B industry to sharply shrink. As reported in the news at the time, the number of Japanese listings on Airbnb plummeted by nearly 80%, from more than 60,000 listings to 13,800 at one point.

Relevant regulations

In the first half of 2019, localities also continued to issue relevant governance regulations, “Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Tourism Regulations”, “Jinan Municipal People’s Government’s Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the B&B Industry”, “Chengdu’s Guidance on Promoting the Healthy Development of the B&B Industry”, and at the end of May.

The Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Construction issued the “Management Measures for Rural B&Bs in Hainan Province” and the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Development of Rural B&Bs in Hainan Province”, saying that no new rural B&Bs can be built without approval. The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

The government’s intensified management, I believe the development of the B&B economy will slow down, there will be a certain impact on related products, for the policy needs to be actively understood, timely changes to product rules, to avoid the loss of users or interviews with the product stopping the event.


policy is to influence the development of the product found, always pay attention to the policy release for the product whether it can be timely processing, or to avoid unnecessary product stop is crucial;.

Product competition has always existed, the sense of worry is crucial for every promoter who operates a product, the pressure of competition in travel App is relatively high, the differences and uniqueness between products will pull away the focus of acquiring users.

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