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CPA Goal & CPT Bid Adjustment on Advertising Impact

Whenever you use Superior mode to position ASM, you’ll discover two price management knowledge in the important thing phrase or key phrase setting display screen. One is CPT Bid, which suggests cost-per-click bid, and the opposite is CPA Aim, which is the goal set up price.

Actually, they’re each used to regulate the associated fee, however they don’t seem to be the identical in essence. CPT Bid is the bid within the competitors, and the position is to compete for the show quantity assigned by Apple and management the price of clicks. CPT Bid is a aggressive bid that competes for Apple’s allotted show quantity and controls the associated fee per click on, however on the whole, the bid for CPT is far larger than the goal price per click on with a purpose to compete for extra show quantity.

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  • CPA Aim is adjusted up or down by 50%, CPT Bid stays unchanged
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CPA Aim might help placements to regulate the ultimate price of set up. Nonetheless, since ASM is a pay-per-click service, Apple doesn’t have direct management over the price of set up. CPA Aim’s management over the price of set up is definitely based mostly on Apple’s estimated set up quantity, and the price of click on is the same as the price of set up multiplied by the click-through price. In different phrases, for a lot of adverts with CPA Aim, the cost-per-click setting isn’t in truth a CPT Bid, however an quantity derived from multiplying CPA Aim by Apple’s estimated set up price.

So what influence will the change have on the product knowledge? Will it enhance product quantity? Will it cut back prices? We carried out seven analysis exams over two months and located that they each have totally different levels of influence on promoting knowledge after moderating the info.

The info of this examine is split into 4 teams, that are:

1. CPT Bid unchanged and adjusted CPA Aim.

2. no change in CPA Aim and adjustment of CPT Bid.

3. no CPA Aim and modify CPT Bid.

4. elevate the CPA Aim and CPT Bid on the identical time.

Observe: Purple font means the info goes up, blue font means the info goes down

CPA Aim is adjusted up or down by 50%, CPT Bid stays unchanged

Information present that within the case of CPT Bid unchanged, after CPA Aim is adjusted by 50%, the show and value are on the rise, and the speed of enhance is giant, however the conversion price has decreased.

Within the case of unchanged CPT Bid, after the CPA Aim was adjusted downward by 50%, all the info confirmed a big lower apart from a small enhance in conversion price.

In different phrases, when the CPA Aim is elevated, the conversion price decreases, whereas when the CPA Aim is decreased, the conversion price will increase. It is because the conversion price knowledge is inversely proportional to the CPA of the advert (CPT=CPA*CR), so when the CPT bid is mounted, growing the CPA Aim might result in a lower in conversion price.

From the analysis knowledge, the rise of CPA Aim remains to be apparent for the rise of show quantity, and the set up price will rise with the rise of CPA Aim and fall with the lower of CPA Aim.

CPT Bid adjusts up or down by 50%, CPA Aim stays unchanged

The info reveals that with CPA Aim unchanged, the CPT Bid is adjusted up or down, and as within the case of the earlier group, each show and value enhance and conversion price decreases.

Within the case of unchanged CPA Aim, after the CPT Bid is adjusted downward, all the info besides price are on a downward pattern.

Logically, reducing the CPT Bid ought to convey down the associated fee, however as a result of bidding setting, in case your lowered CPT Bid remains to be larger than the associated fee per click on earlier than the adjustment, then the associated fee will most definitely go up.

For instance, in case your pre-adjustment bid was $5 and your cost-per-click was $2, then even if you happen to decrease your bid to $4, the cost-per-click of the advert should go as much as $3 as a result of influence of competing bids.

Evaluating the info of CPA Aim and CPT Bid, we will see that the rise of product quantity is bigger after adjusting CPA Aim than CPT Bid.

With out setting CPA Aim, the CPT Bid is adjusted up or down by 50%.

This set of experiments is especially in contrast with the info in Group 2 (setting CPA Aim and adjusting CPT Bid), it’s apparent that adjusting CPT Bid with out setting CPA Aim can enhance the product quantity. If you do not want to set CPA Aim to regulate the associated fee and make the associated fee extra secure, you’ll be able to take into account not setting CPA Aim first.

Enhance CPA Aim and CPT Bid by 50% on the identical time

Lastly, we examined the rise of CPA Aim and CPT Bid on the identical time, and in contrast with the primary three units of knowledge, we discovered that the rise of CPA Aim and CPT Bid on the identical time didn’t enhance the product quantity considerably. That is according to the rise in CPT Bid alone, and even decrease than the rise in CPA Aim alone.

Evaluating the info of this examine, we will discover that when it comes to quantity enhance, growing CPA Aim > growing CPT Bid (with out setting CPA Aim) > growing CPT Bid (setting CPA Aim) = growing each CPA Aim and CPT Bid on the identical time.

Nonetheless, this rule doesn’t apply to all adverts, as the precise change knowledge is affected by Apple’s guidelines for figuring out price limits.

Apple’s personal cost-per-click restrict is the lesser of “CPA Aim CR” or CPT Bid.

For instance, if we set a CPT Bid of $3 and a CPA Aim of $5, and Apple estimates the CR of the product to be 50%, then Apple’s cost-per-click restrict for you is 5*50% = $2.50.

In case your CPA Aim stays the identical, whether or not your CPT Bid will increase to $100 or $1,000, the cost-per-click restrict as decided by Apple will all the time be $2.50, which signifies that the CPT Bid adjustment is not going to have any impact on the advert knowledge. By the identical token, the CPA Aim adjustment could also be affected by the quantity of the CPT Bid setting.

Subsequently, when adjusting the CPA Aim & CPT Bid values, it’s best to take into account to not set the quantity of 1 aspect too excessive, in any other case Apple will take into account the opposite worth as the associated fee restrict, which can consequence within the adjustment of the info with out a lot influence on the product quantity.


CPA Aim is straight proportional to conversion price, elevating CPA Aim will make conversion price lower, quite the opposite, when reducing CPA Aim can enhance conversion price.

On this case, CPA Aim & CPT Bid upward can successfully enhance the product quantity, and the rise in quantity is extra apparent after elevating CPA Aim, however the particular change in quantity might be affected by the preliminary setting quantity and Apple’s judgment guidelines.

On this case, the promoting price will grow to be larger with the rise of CPA Aim & CPT Bid, and the lower of CPA Aim & CPT Bid is not going to essentially cut back the associated fee as a result of affect of bidding setting.