Look at the world and pay attention to the changes in game quality

Tencent WeTest has officially launched the “2021 Mobile Game Quality White Paper”. As a service provider for global game makers, Tencent WeTest is constantly strengthening its core competitiveness in 2019 through the improvement of technology and services brought about by the brand upgrade, bringing better product quality testing solutions to customers, while also providing more detailed first-hand data to customers through the Mobile Game Quality White Paper to better It also helps game manufacturers analyze and understand market dynamics, so as to continuously strengthen and improve game product quality.

Table of Content

“This year is the fourth time since that Tencent WeTest has released an annual white paper on hand game quality. This white paper still has rich quality data of all dimensions of the domestic handicraft market, allowing you to hit the handicraft user market directly. It also has a new report on the topic of going abroad, which provides guidance for the development and operation of handheld games for both domestic and overseas markets through a large amount of first-hand hand handheld game quality data.” The general manager of Tencent WeTest.

From the white paper, we can see that among the Top300 models, 37.94% of users use 4GB models based on memory, followed by 6GB models, while only 3% of users with 2GB or less are covered. Secondly, among the Top300 models, the number of models with 4GB memory accounted for 42.3%, while 6GB memory models and 3GB memory models accounted for 27.67% and 13% respectively, with 6GB models accounting for only 17% in 2018 and a significant increase.

In terms of screen configuration and CPU selection, the pursuit of 2K screens and octa-core processors has become mainstream among gamers and the market. 2K screens account for more than 50% of the Top300 models, reaching 50.67%. In terms of processor choice, compared to the 76.67% market share of octa-core processors, this figure continues to rise to 89%, in stark contrast to the decline in the share of hexa-, quad- and dual-core devices. It is easy to see from the increase in screen resolution to the number of CPU cores that the configuration of mainstream models has improved compared to the past.

From the generalized data of the mobile device market provided in the Mobile Game Quality White Paper, it is easy to see that among the new devices listed, having high-performance devices represented by hardware parameters such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Plus and 8GB memory has gradually become a trend, and in addition, the introduction of 5G phones under the influence of new technologies has become the focus of the entire market and users.

Use data to find the answer to the question

In addition to summarizing and analyzing the basic situation of devices in the entire mobile market, Tencent WeTest also provides developers with detailed summary reports in the Mobile Game Quality White Paper from several dimensions, such as compatibility reports, client performance reports, server performance reports, and handheld game security reports.

From the big data provided by all tested products of Tencent WeTest Quality Open Platform, the compatibility problems of handheld games mainly focus on several aspects, such as functional problems, Crash, installation failure, pull-up failure, no response, display exception and Exception, among which display exception and functional problems are more prominent, accounting for 62% of compatibility problems. In addition, the white paper also discussed in depth the distribution of memory compatibility issues, GPU compatibility issues, Android/iOS system compatibility issues and shaped screen adaptation solutions.

In the client-side performance report, Tencent WeTest analyzed the game performance of popular Android and iOS models of domestic mobile games in detail based on the blueprint of Tencent game distribution standards and Tencent mobile game performance data, especially the real data obtained by Tencent mobile game in iOS and Android models disclosed in the white paper, which focused on the gold value of the client-side performance report in the white paper. In particular, the real data obtained by Tencent Handy on iOS and Android models disclosed in the white paper is the gold of the client performance report in the white paper.

More comprehensive and objective data information

In the white paper published this time, Tencent also announced the latest clear standards on client-side performance in the Tencent game distribution standards. The standards take iOS and Android models as the classification boundary, and the specific performance of hardware as the standard, and classify the latest clear standards on client-side performance in several dimensions, including performance baseline, memory consumption, frame rate, fluency and CPU occupancy. It also provides detailed descriptions and optimization suggestions for problems such as excessive memory, high CPU consumption, lag, high power consumption and flashback. At the same time, it also sorted out and provided rationalization suggestions for the problems encountered by Tencent Handicraft during the technical design review.

In the server performance report, the “Mobile Game Quality White Paper” starts from the pressure testing strategy of the server, sorts out the core scenarios, reference standards and common problems of server pressure testing, and uses the server pressure testing situation of the hot tactical games in the market and the difficulties that will occur when pressure testing overseas games as examples, and uses more detailed data to analyze the 2019 Some of the real situations in the process of pressure testing of head games.

From the perspective of developers, the issue of hand game security should not be underestimated as well. In the Mobile Game Quality White Paper, Tencent WeTest has drawn some key conclusions by combing relevant data, such as the problem of hang-ups is still serious globally, especially the growth of players who cheat overseas is more obvious; the percentage of fatal security impact caused by the hang-up problem has increased to 74.8%; while action shooting games have become the hardest hit by hang-ups, the In addition to action shooting games being the most affected by hang-ups, the number of hang-ups in other categories of games has also started to grow. In addition to the impact of the hang-up problem, a series of security issues such as vulnerabilities brought about by irregularities during the development of handheld games also need to be focused on by developers.

What will you choose, overseas or domestic?

As Tencent WeTest general manager Fang Liang said in his master’s speech in the Mobile Game Quality White Paper, “For game makers, 2021 is the pain before the metamorphosis, but also a necessary step for the market to remove the weeds and keep the essence, excellence, quality first, has become the only way to compete in the market at home and abroad. ”

In the “Mobile Game Quality White Paper”, Tencent WeTest specially devoted a chapter to the “Special Report on Going Abroad”. In this report, we can see that one third of Chinese game companies have plans to go abroad, and the share of Chinese mobile game overseas user spending in the overseas mobile game market has reached 15.8%, of which the most user spending is in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, and the download volume has increased significantly in two India, Brazil and Russia.

In addition to providing the basic situation of Chinese games going abroad, Tencent WeTest also provides a more reliable reference basis for Chinese game manufacturers to choose the device models and game adaptation solutions when going abroad through the combing and refinement of big data such as the data of adapted models for overseas projects and the comprehensive performance of games on Android/iOS Top5 models. Throughout the report, Tencent WeTest still emphasizes that the growth rate of cheating players in overseas markets has surged to 2.4 times, and provides early warning for developers on several levels, such as changes in the distribution of hang-up types and the classification of hang-up implementation methods.

At the same time, in addition to client-side problems, users are also more sensitive to problems such as “not arrived”, “can’t collect” and “recharge failure” after recharge, which deserve the attention of all developers. It deserves the attention of all developers. In addition, from the perspective of the market share of game genres, the proportion of role-playing handheld games continues to decline while strategy handheld games have become the world’s best-selling game category, and the emergence of self-propelled chess games in 2019 has become the newest in strategy handheld games.

Throughout the white paper, Tencent WeTest analyzes and collects data from the perspectives of market hardware, compatibility, client performance, server performance, security and player reputation, and tries to provide first-hand, more comprehensive and objective data information for developers’ decision-making by combining with the 2019 domestic and overseas hand game market dynamics. Whether your plan in 2020 is to continue to cultivate the domestic market and make a breakthrough with high-quality products or to seek a broader product launch plan in the overseas market, you can find the answer you want through the detailed data and analysis presented in the “2019 China Mobile Game Quality White Paper”.