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Eight keyword types triggered by the epidemic

According to the data from the Chinese New Year and the epidemic period (Jan. 20 – Feb. 16), the Seven Wheat Research Institute has selected 38 apps from the App Store Top 10 (free) list, excluding game apps.

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Among them, photography and video, education and entertainment products stand out, with a relatively high number on the list during this period.

Among the photography and video products on the list, 75% of the short video apps made it to the list, among which “Weishi” was the most eye-catching. The Byte Jumping system made the list of 10 products, which is more the result of the strong promotion of its products during the Spring Festival.

In terms of the photo and video category (free), in addition to “Cutscene”, which topped the Top 1 12 times, “Racer”, “Weishi”, “Jieyin Volcano Edition” and “Jieyin Short Video” all topped the photo and video category (free) during the epidemic period. short video has a strength in terms of list and activity during the Spring Festival + epidemic.

Outbreak of the epidemic

With the outbreak of the epidemic and the extension of the holiday, education products gradually occupied the high ground, with “Learning Power”, “Xue Risi Online School” and “Homework Help Live Class” on the list, greatly implementing the call of “stopping classes and learning”. On the other hand, the phenomenon of students taking classes at home and working at home also shows that the advantages of “online” products are highlighted in the fight against the “epidemic”. From the education category list (free), “Tencent Classroom” and “Pocket Chinese Medicine” both dominated the list for 6 times, which also shows that the advantages of their online operations are obvious in this special period.

In addition to learning, the extension of holidays has also provided new opportunities for entertainment products. Due to the offline control, more users can only rely on online products for their entertainment behavior. Catching up with dramas, watching movies and talking about …… has become a limited entertainment item for users. “Watermelon Video” entered the public eye through “Awkward Mom”, which opened up users’ awareness of its product positioning, and its strategic decisions and quick and efficient operations brought more effective opportunities for it to continue to be on the list later; “PiPi Shrimp” added more segments to life, while “Mango TV” constantly updated new dramas and cloud variety shows, which made users happy in the rice circle. The “MANGO TV” new dramas and cloud variety shows are constantly updated, and they have been delighting users in the rice circle. From the top of the entertainment category list (free), “Watermelon Video” has dominated the list for 18 days, which is an obvious effect to expand the circle by taking advantage of the situation, and its product performance strength is not bad.

At the beginning of 2020, the list changes are turbulent, but there are many people who are looking for opportunities in the counter trend, although the resumption of work is delayed. We can clearly see the product performance of different products in the special period according to the overall data of the above list, and based on the above data, we have also compiled the “4 most opportunistic industries” and organized and analyzed them, hoping to bring some inspiration and value to you.

The four industries with the most opportunities are broken down into cases

Online education “in danger”

On January 27, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the postponement of the start of the 2020 spring semester, saying that schools and universities across the country should appropriately postpone the start of school and issue a call to “suspend classes without stopping school”, encouraging schools and educational institutions to use the Internet to set up “cloud classes The “cloud classroom” is encouraged to be set up by schools and educational institutions using the Internet so that students can study at home.

Quick response to launch courses, “Xuezhi Net School” linkage is effective

On January 28, Xuezhi Net School announced a full-day trial run of classes starting from February 1, and free live classes and self-study classes for all subjects for the whole year starting from February 10. With such a quick response, Xuezhi Net School became the first educational institution in the industry to offer free live online classes for all subjects and all year round for primary and secondary school students nationwide. Since February 1, when Xuezhi Net School started the trial run of all classes, its ranking and download volume both rose sharply, reaching the top 3 on the App Store education free list on the same day, and the top 1 on the next day, with the highest download volume on iOS breaking 18w in a single day.

At the same time, “Xuezhi Peiyu Online School” cooperated with different types of platforms, such as “Tencent News”, “Tencent Video”, “Akiyay”, “Akiyay Knowledge”, “Youku” and “One Point Information”, and took advantage of the platforms to launch free in-school synchronized online courses specifically for primary and secondary school students in different areas of Xuezhi Peiyu’s Beijing and Lanzhou branches.

The exchange of resources enables quality content to penetrate into different platforms, expanding the platform’s coverage of people and even promoting conversion. The targeted launch of relevant courses for users in a certain region can improve the platform’s grasp of information for this segment of users, as well as improve the trust of users in that region, which is conducive to subsequent retention.

In February, in order to ensure the smooth use of the product by users, “Xuezhi Net School” also carried out two product iterations, one on February 1 when the free courses were launched, and one on February 11, when the free live broadcast was able to support the one-click addition of series of courses and one-click TV casting.

Public welfare activities were the first to hit the brand, and “Saru Tutoring” launched matrix activities

The epidemic first broke out in Wuhan, and on January 25, “Saru Tutoring” donated 10 million to Wuhan to fight against the new pneumonia epidemic. After the Ministry of Education issued the “no classes, no school” policy, “Saru Tutoring” started to provide free live classes to users nationwide on February 3. On that day, the estimated number of downloads for Saru Tutor for iOS also reached the peak, and the list ranking also broke into the top 5 of the App Store education free list, and according to the official data report, Saru Tutor had more than 500w users online at the same time.

Although Saru Tutor has also cooperated with platforms such as “Central Video” and “Study Power”, the most outstanding performance of Saru Tutor is to join hands with its own platforms and combine the advantages of different platforms to launch relevant activities. For example, “SaruTutor” launched the “Millions of People Online Practice Test” in conjunction with its products “SaruQuizBank” and “Little SaruSoQ”, which set up English practice test papers for students who are about to take the secondary school and college entrance exams, and also generated exclusive diagnostic reports and national rankings for users, which directly address the needs of users nowadays.

However, the massive influx of users into the platform also led to the collapse of the “Saru tutoring” platform at one point, to which “Saru tutoring” firstly used its official account to apologize to users, a move that was also effective in calming the anxious minds of users. After the outbreak of the epidemic, “Ape Coaching” also carried out 3 product optimizations to improve the shortcomings of the product and enhance the user experience.

The “immediate need” under the epidemic

The whole nation responded to stay at home to fight the “epidemic”, and the most basic vegetables and medicines to meet the current life became the immediate needs of the users during the “epidemic”, and with the sharp increase in user demand, problems such as tight supply chain and insufficient logistics capacity kept appearing. The best choice for users is a platform or product that offers a complete range of goods, maintains delivery, and even provides specialized services.

Online medical consultation + home delivery, “1Pharma” has a way to gain volume

On January 21, announced normal business during the Spring Festival, fully guaranteeing the supply service and preparing 10w packs of Banlangen for free distribution online, promising to give priority to Jingdong and SF logistics delivery to ensure customers receive the goods in time.

On the 24th, the free medical service was launched for Wuhan area and later extended to Hubei province. According to official data, the number of consultations rose 400% after the free clinic service was launched compared to the week before it was launched, and the maximum number of consultations received by a single person per day reached 300 with the assistance of AI-guided consultation. In addition, also launched a vertical function for chronic disease patients to refill prescriptions and buy medicines at home, which not only solves the risk of cross-infection when going to the hospital, but also solves users’ demand for medical care.

At a time when users have the need to purchase medicine and are restricted from going out,, together with more than 20w pharmacies, timely launched the home delivery service, providing users with a complete closed-loop service from consultation, e-prescription, order and delivery, which timely and effectively solves the current needs of users. And among the products on sale, there are also masks, disposable gloves, medical alcohol, Banlangen, cold medicine and other hot products exist.

This series of timely response successfully made “”‘s estimated downloads soar during the epidemic and ranked within the top 10 of the App Store medical list (free). Before that, had never achieved such a result in the previous year’s chart ranking. As you can see, the timely response and product optimization enabled “” to successfully reach more new traffic and increase product awareness at the same time.