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Solutions for financial App audit rejection

At present, the financial app on the shelves, if you want to do not make major changes on the shelves, either with a qualified account, or take a chance.

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Solutions for financial App audit rejection

For this part of the partners, can only be found with this condition of the friends of the company to borrow qualified account to solve, let each other to help on behalf of the shelves, or let each other to add their own developer account to the other developer account, submit the audit, and so on the shelves after the success, and then transferred to their own developer account.

But at present, the difficulty of using the qualification account is gradually increasing, because Apple audit is very strict about the transfer of the App after the success of the shelf, once found, immediately take down such App, and may block the Apple account, so most of the qualification on behalf of the current has become a day trip. In addition, Apple audit is very strict for this kind of qualification account, and it is very difficult to pass the audit, and it takes a very long time.

Rejected Terms

The developer name and company name of the application do not match the financial institution in the application or application metadata, in violation of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement 1.2


No unauthorized use of protected third-party materials (e.g., trademarks, copyrighted works, patented designs) in the App; nor shall the App package or Developer Name contain false, plagiarized or misleading representations, names or metadata. App Submitter shall be a person or legal entity that owns or is authorized to use intellectual property and other related rights, and shall be responsible for providing The App submitter may


If the App is used for financial transactions, investments or money management, the publisher shall be the financial institution performing such services or must use a public API provided by the respective institution under its own terms and conditions.

Reasons for rejection

1. the company subject of the App, which is not qualified to provide financial services.

2. the developer account is not the enterprise development account. Financial App can only be uploaded in the developer account of the main body of App company, not in the developer account of individual or entrusted company.

3. the mailbox applied by the developer is not the mailbox of the company’s name (such as its own QQ number mailbox).

4. the technical support URL is not the URL related to the company.

5. the App does not show the relationship between the App and the company or the App name has a large gap with the company name and does not produce brand attribution and relevance.

6. the probability of being rejected in the financial category is originally very high.



Qualified accounts must have business scope (business license), financial license and ICP certificate, and also uploaded in the attachment when it is on the shelf for the auditors to see when they audit.

The account with lending qualifications is your own company

1. prove that your company, has the qualification of providing financial services.

If the App is indeed a financial service provided, the company body of the App has the qualification of providing financial service, you can send the proof of funds (such as business license) to Apple review team.

2. if the app is submitted by a personal developer account, upgrade the personal developer account to a corporate developer account and then submit it.

3. if it is developed for you by other developer accounts (such as outsourcing), go according to Apple’s requirements and add the other developer accounts under your Apple developer account.

4. Modify the name of the app, so that the app name is related to the company brand. If the company is “Immediately Consumer Finance Company Limited”, the app name can be modified to “Immediately Loan” and resubmitted.

5. Submit the “software copyright registration certificate” or “trademark certificate” to prove to Apple that the product name is related to the company.

6. Explain to the Apple audit team the operating entity of the app function, technical support website, etc., to prove the relationship between the app and the company.

Other details

1. test account does not need to be certified to complete, the normal lending App authentication steps ID card → live body → emergency contact → operator sesame credit → bank card, one by one is listed to prepare for the following two steps, under normal circumstances can be done without authentication, give a brand new account to the auditors.

2. If your App needs to get contact information when you enter, it is recommended to add the step of getting contact information to the step of getting emergency contact, the reason for doing so is that most of the lending apps do not have the interface to use the function of contact information, which is basically for collection and risk control. Apple will reject your app because you don’t use the data but get the user’s contact information. 3.

3. If your app needs to get the user’s geographic location, it is recommended to add the function of getting geographic location to the user’s borrowing interface, or after the user’s basic authentication is completed, for the same reason as above.

4. Don’t appear any third party’s name during App review, and no words such as finance and wealth management can appear inside the App.

5. If you have previously submitted in the unqualified account, Apple rejected the qualified account only after the qualified account submitted, if the unqualified account is not processed with the qualified account directly submitted, the qualified account will basically report 4.3.

In this case, you need to do some processing in the unqualified account, xcode create a new application, directly use the previously submitted bundle ld package, logo with a pure white or pure black image, submit this new application to the application market, build the version to remove the previously rejected package, use this new application to replace the previously rejected package, App name changed to The App name is changed to “void this application and will not be submitted again”, followed by a random number of times, because this name has been used by others, the App description is the same as the App and App name, the rest of the information is deleted, and finally click Save.

No qualification

If you don’t have the corresponding qualification, you may be rejected. Some companies may have the background and can find the corresponding qualification, but how to deal with those without qualification?

The following ideas and methods are applicable to the App without qualification, so that the auditors can see the interface we refer to as the shell, first introduce the ideas, in the introduction of the type of shell.

The so-called shell is to disguise the App as another App, and show the content of the disguised App to Apple audit when it is reviewed, and then switch back to the real App content after it is reviewed. This method is applicable to the App developed by native and H5 types.

There are two kinds of ideas

1. the first is to have a background control when the shell appears, the mobile side to pass a version number to the background, the background according to the version number to determine whether the app is in the audit, in the audit will show the shell, not in the audit will show the native interface.

2. directly by the mobile terminal to switch the interface, the app needs to log in to see the main interface, the test account to Apple reviewers to make a judgment, if it is a test account, it will show the shell, non-test account shows the native interface.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two methods, the first method users can come in to see the main interface, more conducive to attracting natural traffic, but if Apple later review, found that the app used by the user is not the same as the audit, it is likely to be downgraded, so you can also use the U.S. IP identification.

The second way is not good for attracting natural traffic, but the risk of being downgraded is small, because Apple’s audit team is in the United States, it is impossible to register an account by yourself, and the review is okay, unless someone reports your app.

Types of shells

1. The simplest shell is the news type, but the news type needs to be more complicated, the simple two display interface is likely to be rejected because the function is too simple, it is best to add some special effects.

2. Tools type, tools App over the probability will be greater, but do slightly more complex than the first kind, time-consuming.

These two shells are currently the simplest shells, the rest of the game class, e-commerce shopping shells are more complex and more time-consuming.

Of course, if the App can be disguised as a financial class application, the impact of such problems will be cut down more.

For example, through the P2P qualification on the shelves of financial products.

P2P qualification: depository agreement, rectification notice (how the qualification comes, I dare not ask)

The main localization language

The main localization area through the P2P qualification shelves financial products, distribution of domestic areas.

way 1: try the main localization language area updated for loan products, and then distributed to domestic areas.

The main localization is the same. There is nothing to avoid the trial in this way, after all, the Apple background is written on the loan.

In summary

Functionality package + localization language differences + application name subtitle changes + screenshot changes for review + reviewer inertia = shelves

May pay attention to details

① product downloaded to the desktop name with the main localized language application name

② identify the U.S. IP, do content adaptation, only display P2P content

In fact, in addition to the above, there are other ways to play the shell.

▪ Loan super shell on the shelves mode

1, a word on the shelves (new out of the set)

2, rebate mall shelves (always have)

3, localized version of skinning (currently commonly used)

4, globalization tools title rubbing words (new out)

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