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Report on China’s Tourism App Market during the May 1st Holiday in 2021

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Report on China’s Tourism App Market during the May 1st Holiday in 2021

In the just-concluded May Day holiday, we once again saw the familiar “people follow the crowd” holiday model of destinations and scenic spots. It can be seen that the domestic tourism industry has sounded the clarion call for recovery.

With the development and penetration of the Internet, the Internet of Things, and emerging technologies, the tourism industry is constantly innovating. As a travel tool application in the entire travel service chain, it is also being extended to be more humane and convenient. Among them, six major sectors, including information collection, itinerary booking, hotel accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, and photography editing, constitute a complete ecological chain of the tourism market.

Today we will launch this data report on the current travel mobile application market based on the big data of the ASO World data platform and third-party industry data.

1. Observation of China’s tourism mobile industry

1) The current situation of the tourism market: the demand for tourism is rapidly recovering

2) The current situation of the tourism mobile application market

The number of active users is gradually recovering, the market grows steadily, the travel application takes the lead, and the utilization rate of the strategy platform is the highest

2. App application market pattern in tourism segmentation

1) Components of the ecological chain of the tourism mobile application market

Six sections, including strategy information, itinerary reservations, hotel accommodation, transportation, food and beverages, and photography editing, have built a complete tourism ecological chain.

2) Strategy information: Xiaohongshu’s entry into the tourism industry has a significant effect

Since the epidemic, Xiaohongshu Selection, which started as an outbound shopping strategy, has entered the tourism industry. Due to the epidemic situation, people can only focus on the “nearness”, and traveling around has become the entry point for Xiaohongshu’s cross-border travel homeopathy, and the effect is remarkable.

In comparison, the mainstream travel strategy platform Qunar and Mafengwo are no longer brilliant in the past. Although there is still a steady increase in downloads every month, it is no longer the first echelon of travel strategy apps.

3) Itinerary booking: a public itinerary booking platform welcomes the outbreak

In the itinerary booking market, after experiencing the sluggishness in 2020, in April this year, due to the blessing of the “May Day” five-day holiday, Qunar, Tongcheng, Ctrip and other travel booking platforms ushered in a small explosion.

4) Hotel accommodation: overseas platforms are still struggling

In the past, overseas platforms such as and Airbnb were popular in overseas hotel and homestay bookings due to their diverse resources and localized services. However, due to the epidemic, overseas travel has not yet been fully opened, so the relevant focus is overseas. You’s platform is still in a “struggle” period.

In contrast, domestic hotel accommodation booking platforms have successfully taken advantage of this year’s May Day holiday, and related downloads have increased significantly.

5) Traffic travel: Huaxiaozhu broke out in an all-round way, and AutoNavi’s map thrived

For the transportation market, the status of Didi Chuxing, Hello Travel, and Huaxiaozhu Taxi is difficult to shake. Among them, Huaxiaozhu Taxi, as a rising star in 2020, will usher in a full-blown outbreak in August, September, and October 2020.

On the other hand, in the travel navigation market, AutoNavi Maps, Baidu Maps, and Tencent Maps are among the top three, but in terms of magnitude, the growth rate of AutoNavi Maps is much higher than the latter two from August 2020.

6) Dining and food: Is Meituan overwhelmingly hungry? Dianping has a stable performance

In the tourism, catering and food market, the more active apps are platforms with take-out service features, such as Meituan Takeaway and From the performance of downloads in the past year, Meituan’s food delivery momentum is strong. Starting in 2021, it has gradually shaken off its direct competitor,

7) Photography editing: short videos are the trend just needed

Related surveys show that more than 80% of travel users will take photos/photographs during travel, and beautification editing has long been a strong demand for travel. In the photographic editing market, short video platforms are the current trend just needed, and a new wave of tourism of “wandering around China without leaving home” has formed on May 1st this year.

3, the trend of tourism mobile applications

Trend 1: Information needs

The change in the habits of travel users is mainly reflected in the increase in travel frequency, increased autonomy and choice, and more flexibility in consumption time. For this reason, users have a corresponding increase in demand for travel information when making consumption decisions. In order to adapt to market changes, each platform needs to trigger users’ consumption motivation from more scenarios, extend service categories, and improve user decision-making efficiency.

Trend 2: The need for efficiency

Travel consumers have a clearer purpose of using mobile apps and a stronger demand for direct access to useful information. Relevant platforms should further polish the functions, weights and levels of products, and carry out efficient integration of information and noise elimination based on user goals and the entire process chain.

For the back-end of the consumption chain, especially the payment and after-sales links, the platform side should also work with the resource side to upgrade efficiency and services, so as to enhance users’ willingness to consume to a faster conversion of consumer decision-making.

Trend 3: Personalized needs

To gain a foothold in the travel mobile application market monopolized by giants, insights into users, market segments and precision marketing are extremely important. And cross-app cross-marketing can present more attractive travel content and strengthen users’ focus.