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Mobile game online volume plummeted, ultra-casual mobile game became the winner of the volume

The handheld game market is still competitive, with continuous innovation in gameplay and phenomenal handheld games. And the Chinese handheld game industry still maintains good development and the market scale keeps expanding.

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In order to help developers, promoters and investors fully understand the development trend of China’s handheld game industry in the first half of the year, relying on its own big data advantages, SevenMac Data launched the “2019 China Handheld Game Industry White Paper – Huge Changes in Handheld Game, New “Rise” in Adversity”, which provides a comprehensive and multi-faceted interpretation of It is a comprehensive and multi-angle interpretation and analysis of the first half of China’s handicraft industry.

China’s new game launch volume continues to decline

According to the data of the past three years, the amount of newbie games on the Chinese App Store has been decreasing, on the one hand due to the restriction of domestic policies, and on the other hand, more developers choose to go overseas for handheld games, and the situation is becoming more and more intense.

At present, the domestic handicraft market encounters cold winter, handicraft development slows down, and in order to find more opportunities, developers choose overseas market is also affected by the general environment.

The number of Chinese handheld games online decreases sharply, and the United States overwhelms the group

In the first half of 2019 in China, the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Britain, Japan, South Korea eight countries App Store online hand game number comparison, the United States hand game number first, China hand game number ranked fifth, South Korea number least. Among them, the difference between the number of online handheld games in the United States, Canada, Australia, India, China and Britain is not large.

The popularity of “chicken” is soaring, and casual games account for nearly half of the list

On May 8, 2019, “Jedi survival: stimulation battlefield” in China was renamed “peace elite”, and its download volume soared to 35w+ in a single day. on June 20, at the annual conference of Tencent e-sports in 2019, Tencent disclosed the user data of “peace elite” for the first time, and the DAU of the game had exceeded 5000w in less than two months after its launch.

Since last year, casual games have gradually swept the world, becoming the dominant player in the download list, and many casual game makers have taken advantage of this to successfully expand their own volume. As the categories of casual games continue to be enriched, their dominant position in the download list has become more and more solid, and their control of buying and absorbing volume has become more and more mature.

Tencent’s “gold-sucking” ability is strong, followed by NetEase

In the first half of 2019, Tencent became the biggest winner in the China App Store revenue list, with strong “gold-sucking” ability, accounting for half of the top 20 revenue list, with 10 products on the list. Among them, “Glory of Kings” and “Perfect World” ranked first and second on the list. NetEase followed with 4 handheld games in the Top 20, and “Fantasy Westward Journey” and “Yin Yang Shi” won both revenue and reputation.

In the revenue ranking of handicraft companies, Tencent ranked first, and nearly 62 of its handicraft games entered the top 200 handicraft revenue list in the first half of the year, making it the most “gold-sucking” company. “Sanjihun Entertainment” followed Tencent and Netease in third place, and the ranking of “gold-sucking” companies in iOS China is basically the same as in 2018.

Tencent defends its title as the top professional, and casual games are not to be underestimated

In the first half of the game free list, three games of Tencent entered the Top 5 and became the dominant professional, and its “Peaceful Elite” dominated the list for 36 days in total; four casual games also appeared in the dominant list this time, and “All Drifters” and “Destroy Virus” entered the Top 3, and the gap between them and “Peaceful Elite” was not big, so the advantages of casual games were remarkable.

In the first half of the game pay list, “Crazy Cinema” performed well and dominated the list for 33 days in total. Tencent, Netease and other big handicraft manufacturers have not laid out too much paid handicraft games, and their products are still focused on free handicraft games. Thunder Game still has 2 games on the list compared with 2018, and the layout of paid games has become the inherent mode.

Although “King of Glory” was the champion of the best-seller list, it only topped the list for 36 days in the first half of this year compared with 177 days in 2018; “Perfect World”, also produced by Tencent, followed for 33 days.

“Fantasy Simulation” is the most popular, and action games are the favorite of editors

“Among the handheld games recommended by Apple in China in the first half of the year, a total of 1211 handheld games were recommended by Apple editors. Among them, “Fantasy Simulation” was recommended the most times, 19 times in total. Action games and strategy games are recommended more often, and in addition to large games, elimination games are also loved by Apple editors.

Among the new games in the first half of 2019, “All Drift” became the most popular hand game, and its number of positive reviews since its launch to June 30 far exceeded other hand games and ranked first.

Developers are less diligent, updating once every 4 days on average

In the first half of 2019 compared with the first half of 2018, the diligence rate of developers decreased, from an average of 10 times/month update efficiency to an average of 4 times/month. Rumbic, Inc. and Storm8 Studios deserve to be the most diligent developers.

Seven keywords for the first half of the year in China’s mobile game industry

“Games going abroad”, “ultra-casual games”, “AR games”, “female-oriented handheld games” …… summarizes the “seven keywords of China’s first half-year handheld game industry”, and reviews the “big events” of the first half-year handheld game industry through the seven keywords.


According to the data, among all games in China, 64.6% are hand games, 6.5% are web games, 0.4% are console games, 0.1% are stand-alone games and 28.4% are client games. The proportion of handheld games in the game industry is considerable, and the revenue of handheld games in China is in a state of continuous growth. 2019 saw a cold winter for Chinese handheld games, but its development trend is still good. The continuous innovation and integration of Chinese handicraft also bring more possibilities for the development of handicraft.

It is believed that Chinese handicraft, will be more integrated into more elements in the future, adding more ways to experience …… handicraft industry is no longer single, and will have a broader market in the future, while also facing more fierce competition.

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