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How does 7 Minute Workout Boost Its Visibility Score

In our previous blog, we introduced you to our new Visibility Analysis Tool.
Visibility Report provides you with an overall picture of the popularity of an app in different countries. As it takes impressions into account, it gives you the result of your cumulative ASO efforts for your app.

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One of the biggest advantages you’re going to get with Visibility Report is seeing how your app’s visibility got affected as a result of your updates and ASO efforts. Let’s take a closer look at our new Visibility Report tool with some fitness apps and see how their visibility scores have changed with recent updates they’ve done. These updates include things like changing screenshots, subtitles/titles and descriptions, which are all efforts done towards ASO. So, if you want to know the latest strategies of your competitors, you might want to pay attention to this one.

Visibility throughout the World

The coronavirus took over the world and forced all of us to stay at home. So, there has been an unsurprising rise with fitness apps visibility and they’ve been adopting their strategies to fit this new stay at home 24/7 lifestyle. Let’s take a look at 3 different fitness apps. And see what they’ve changed with their updates and how it’s paying off.

Here’s the visibility map from Visibility Report from our ASO Intelligence tool. The map shows three different fitness apps, Nike Training Club, Home Fitness Workout by GetFit and 7 Minute Workout and their visibility scores for different countries. The darker the color, the higher their visibility score is for a country. If you are checking on multiple of your competitors you can see through this tool how active they’re in a certain country through their localization efforts as well. For this one, we just want to see their overall visibility situations throughout the world.

So, let’s dive deeper now and check one of the fitness apps individually to see what they kind of efforts they’ve done to increase their visibility.

Above we can see 7 Minute Workout’ s visibility map and how much it’s being used for different countries. Below the map, we can see a graph for 7 Minute Workout’s Historical Visibility Chart, this is a graph that shows us the visibility score of the app for the selected country and date range. For this one, we chose the United Kingdom, one of the countries they’re more active in. We are going to be basing all the data coming up in the UK for that reason too.
One of the most useful features here is the little pins. These show us the update dates. And from here on out we can hover over to App Update Timeline to see the details of each update. We see that they had an update on March 23rd. And although their visibility score seems to have always been good, we can see that afterward, their visibility score has increased even more.

App Update Timeline

When we come on to 7 Minute Workout’s App Update Timeline, we can see exactly what they’ve changed with each update. For their update on March 23rd, they’ve revised their description, screenshot and completely changed their subtitle. Changing description for iOS apps is not as much a priority as it is for Google Play apps. However, subtitle change is a big deal when thinking about ASO. Their previous subtitle was “Daily workouts for weight loss” which is now changed to “Workouts at home -no equipment”. Quite catchy for someone looking to workout at home and stay fit right? 🙂

Keyword Intelligence and ASO Report for 7 Minute Workouts

Keywords are, as we know are one of the main factors in ASO strategies. When we choose to see the top ranking keywords by clicking on rank, we can see that “exercise at home”, “at home workouts”’ “home fitness” and “home workout” are all top-ranking keywords for 7 Minute Workout. All are home-related keywords. So they’re fit for the situation the world is in right now and 7 Minute Workout seems to have succeeded in ranking for them.

Moving along with the ASO report, let’s check out how their keyword ranking has been through April 5th to April 12th. We can see that 7 Minute Workout is again boosted rankings for keywords related to working out at home. So much so that when they’ve used just the “workout” and “home” keyword it didn’t do much for them. But when they used it together we can see an increasing graph.

When we switch over to the Keyword movement tab we can see that the “home” keyword started to rank more for 7 Minute Workout.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post diving deeper into Visibility and ASO Report. We hope our new feature will ease your efforts while doing ASO and give you more insight into your competitor analysis and strategies regarding ASO.

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