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According to the research conducted by the best mobile app development companies around 80-90% of people spend their time on their mobile phones. And most of the time they spent surfing mobile apps. Especially if you are a blogger, online publisher, influence, or a news site, then you probably should not ignore these figures.

If you publish your content online and have already built a good audience then having a mobile app for your site can make a huge difference in your business. The top mobile app development company suggests that while building your very own app you need to consider a lot of things.

Your app should allow your audience to read your published content whenever they want it, along with that where they want the content and how they want the content to appear to them.

A mobile app will let your readers have an immersive experience and enhance the quality of your content. Your icon and brand will be in front and center on your user’s device. If you live in India, then y taking the help of some of the best mobile app development company in India, you can develop your very own app.


Following are some of the biggest flexes which you need to take a look at if you are considering leaping turning your website or blogpost into a native app.


Every single day around 70-80% of people spend an average of 3-4 hours surfing through their smartphone. It is a huge opportunity for business owners and publishers to take advantage of this trend at the right time. So by creating an app can fulfill their website user needs and enhance capitalization.

According to a study, around 80-90% of people prefer mobile apps rather than a mobile website. Mobile apps are usually more user-friendly than a website, as they don’t need any URL to open up they are just one click away. And it is a smart way to attract your audience to use your app in their available time.

And having your app on Google Play or App Store will give that extra spotlight to your brand, making it easily discoverable to your target audience. Moreover, you need to make sure that your app ranks at the top results in the app stores.


The first and foremost thing you need to do is make your new visitor download your app. This can be done by using smart banners which are displayed on your website.

It is the most effective way for pushing your visitors to leap your mobile app. Once they had installed your app then they are going to enjoy using it more than you think.

Even if they have downloaded the app you still need to make efforts to encourage them to come and visit your mobile app again and again. You can do this by just simply sending push notifications from time to time to their device. It is one of the biggest benefits offered by apps. If used well then it helps in bringing your readers back from time to time.


Nowadays readers just want great content which comes in handy. They don’t want to trawl through a lot of websites and get complicated. So a well-developed mobile app can be beneficial for them. And they will get everything they want with just one tap. Along with that giving them easy access to your published content. By sending push notifications it is easy for them to commute from your app.

Keep in mind that your published content should be accessible to your readers with a single and simple swipe action. Nowadays normally a single thumb swipe gives access to the content. Moreover, almost everyone has become quite good at swiping up due to various social media platforms.


Everyone tends to share a lot of the content on their social media accounts directly from their mobile apps rather than using any other consumption sources. It is due to the built-in feature available in both android and ios phones making it quite convenient for their users to share almost all types of content via mobile apps installed on their devices.

For instance, to share something on Twitter let’s say an article. Then you need to do one tap action on your mobile app but on your mobile site, you need to first log in then you will be able to do it. It’s just simple, better, and faster while using a mobile app.


It is the universal truth that more consumers leads to more sales and initially leads to high profits. It is considered that around 2.5 million people in the world, download apps every month on their devices like phones, TVs, kindle, etc.

In the year 2012 around 30 million people installed the candy crush saga app and in the upcoming years, it went up to 408 million. And lead to the annual earning jumping from $62 million to around $2.6 million. It is clear more the number of users, the more the sales.


According to a recent study the people within the age group of 18-24 are known to look at their phones around 75 times per day. And the people within the age group of 25-35 look at it 50 times per day along with them the people within 35-44+ look at it almost 30-40 times every single day.

Taking into consideration the above statistics, on average, your app can be visible on someone’s smartphone screen around 45-50 times per day. So by creating your app you can take the advantage of this and it does free advertising as well.


Sending notifications to someone’s phone is quite similar to sending a text message. Normally, around 40 % of people tend to open the notification on their devices. So when someone downloads your app, you can just drop a humble message saying “ WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATION FROM US”. And almost 95% of the people will click on the option ALLOW.

It is a much easy way to attract the users and keep them engaged. You can simply just send a push notification to thousands of people at the same time and around 80% of them are sure to go through it rather than ignoring it.


Day by day the visit to the apps is increasing rapidly via their very own in-app browsers. And almost everyone uses an in-app browser without even realizing it.

Let’s take an example, if someone wants to pin an article on Pinterest or is willing to share an article on LinkedIn, then they just need to click on the article from the respective app and then the article will load. This is known as an in-app browser. Yet it does not take you outside the application.

So, by just simply including links to your social media pages and websites within your app you are giving your users an easy way to follow up. Especially on social media platforms and page websites, it comes in handy.


Though push notifications are taking up the trend you still can’t ignore email marketing. It is because if someone uninstalled your app then you definitely won’t be able to send notifications to them. But here the solution, if you have their email address then you can still attract them towards you.
For this, you just need to include an email subscription form into your app, from where you will be able to collect the important information about your potential customers. Even if those customers have never visited your website.


In today’s world, people have now switched from desktops to tablets. Every month an average of 35 -45 hours are spent by almost every tablet user. It is because they come in handy and are more comfortable for you rather than a laptop or desktop. Though laptops have touch screens nowadays but are a bit heavier than tablets.
Nowadays people are moving towards tablets to have the comfort of both desktops and smartphones in one. And with its big-screen people can do a lot of other stuff like playing games, shopping, etc. This normally is a little mess in smartphones.


Now you can broadcast your video content into your living rooms of families very easily. From Netflix to youtube everyone has started creating tv channels for their video content. Even the previous video content which is available on their websites is still included on their tv channels.

Now there is no more rush to run to your home at 7.30 pm to watch your favorite match rather you can just watch it on BBC iPlayer according to your time. Similarly, if you are someone who loves BINGE-WATCHING then no need to worry, you can watch your favorite tv series on Netflix.

It is not fixed to up to one person, anyone who creates video content can have their very own video on demand channels, normally apple and Netflix take it into their consideration.


Normally, not every one of your competitors will have their app on all the six different platforms which are normally for your mobile, tablet, or TV. Though it’s a huge investment it’s worth it.

You can have your app on all six different platforms for all the devices. It will not only be a huge challenge for your competitors to beat that benchmark but also will leave your footmark in the market in the spotlight.


There are a variety of options available for you to earn money through apps. The foremost way is by selling your app, though it is not suggested to do so. As free apps earn way more money than the paid ones. The best example is candy crush saga which is free and took its profits up to $2.6 billion. Only and only from the in-app purchases done via their free app.

Rather than that, you can earn money by selling advertising space in the app and promote various affiliated products and services via your app. Along with that get commission for promoting another company’s product. There is an endless number of ways to earn profit via the app.


In a study, it was considered that around 40 -45% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load the web page. And more people are becoming impatient as each day passes by. It is a word of advice that never underestimate this 40-45% of people. You need to always take into consideration this 40-45% of people who want everything in just one bite.

It is clear that people want information and they want it in their hands right away. Normally mobile and tablet apps load their apps instantly. It is because they are already installed and have access to your device and location which initially makes the content more accessible even without the internet.

Websites take a slightly longer time because the web browser has to visit a web server first, and then load all the contents of the web page. Not every web hosting provider can act fast some take a very long period too. It usually drives the user away from the webpage.


Mobile apps offer a much more tailored communication with the users by making it personalized according to their interest, usage, etc. It is easy to treat your users and do various types of experiments with your users.

You can set their preferences at the beginning itself based on the type of content they are willing to see and are interested in. They can also recommend and provide updates by tracking and observing their customer engagement.