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Big IP games are popular, the sentiment is easier to enter the heart

In addition to attracting users with sentiment, Run Kart also added elements like garbage classification, ancient style, which is hot this year, users also gained knowledge while playing the game, this way to a certain extent can promote the activity of vertical users, but also increase the fun of the game to retain users.

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Big IP games are popular

The company’s Speed, QQ Dance, Soul Calibur, and Run Kart are all products with “sentiment”. 17 years QQ Speed hand game online at the beginning, the download volume showed an upward trend, single day download volume broke 50w. run kart end game influence needless to say, in June this year, the official version of run kart hand game online for half a month occupies the App Store game list Top1. In June of this year, the official racing version of Run Kart hand game on line for half a month to occupy the App Store game list Top1, as of now, the download volume has exceeded.

Famous anime IP transformed, Inuyasha’s single-day download volume broke 24w

In addition to online games to hand games, the effect of adapting classic anime into games is also good. This year, September 19 online Inuyasha – the battle of Nairobi has achieved relatively bright results, seven wheat data monitoring.

The highlights of Inuyasha – Battle of Nairobi are the complete restoration of the main plot to the animation, inviting the original animation voice actors to dub the game, and interspersing the classic images of the animation during the game, all of which can arouse the users’ memories of the original and youth, thus increasing the users’ acceptance of the game.

Emotion ≠ memories, the post-90s are more concerned about resonance

Recently, the “Spring Thirty Niang” special effect on Shakyin has been used by 293.1 million people, and a large part of them are post-90s users.

Since “Chun Thirty Niang” is a character in the classic movie “Journey to the West”, the post-90s, who are deep Internet users, can resonate with it, and according to the “2018 China Internet Consumption Ecology Big Data Report” (hereinafter referred to as “the report”), the post-90s have the ability to “be themselves”. The post-90s have the value of “being oneself” and using the circle of interest to look for the same kind of people, in a sense, they are looking for products or people with whom they have resonance.

Resonance attribute – Be yourself

The post-90s are a group of people who grew up together with the Internet, and they prefer to express themselves and attract attention. The explosion of ZAO some time ago also illustrates this point. Using AI face-changing, users can play the image of characters in various movies and TV dramas, which fulfills their dream of “acting” and shows their individuality. ZAO’s content is mostly classic movies and TV shows, such as Titanic and Pearl of the Orion, which resonate with post-90s users. According to the data of Seven Wheat, the download volume of ZAO exceeds 46w in a single day.

Resonance attribute – circle of interest

Circles bring together users who are interested in the same topic, so that these like-minded users can communicate freely. More segmented social circles, such as star-catching circles, running circles, travel circles and pet circles, are gaining influence and giving products in segmented fields a chance to succeed. Take the star-catching circle as an example, the emergence of star-catching social app provides an online communication platform for the majority of fans, who express their emotions for their idols in a group on the platform and cause resonance. According to the report, the post-90s users accounted for 63.6% of the total number of users in 2018, accounting for the largest share.


Cooperation with classic IP

Developers with strength can consider cooperating with famous IPs, and the fans of these IPs will become the first users of the products, which can guarantee the initial user volume of the products.

Personalization and social circle can trigger the resonance of post-90s

If the users of the product are mainly post-90s, you can consider adding some personalized settings or adding social elements to the product, which can trigger the resonance of post-90s and enhance the user activity.

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