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Apple’s privacy updates and the Impact on ASO

Apple put a large focus on privacy during presentations at its WWDC online event, including several impactful privacy-related product updates that will roll out in a few months as part of iOS 14. In the wake of these announcements, we thought we’d take a closer look at the potential role of ASO in privacy-friendly user acquisition.


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The impact of privacy on ASO so far

While the correlation between ASO and user privacy has not been studied much so far, it would be wrong to assume the two have never had anything to do with each other:

  • As privacy has become a growing concern especially in Western markets, its first impact on ASO is thegrowing traffic from privacy-related keywords and the potential impact on conversion from screenshots that show privacy-related benefits.

4 of the first 5 apps displayed in Apple’s App Store search results for “browser” in the US on June 25th include the word “private” or “privacy” in their title.

  • Following the increase in regulations, Apple and Google have both reinforced guidelines on user privacy and introducednew grounds for rejecting app submissions, with some of these new guidelines focusing on childrens’ As a result, developers have had to provide additional information on their store console a few times in recent years (for instance, disclosing whether their app targets younger audiences and ensuring the ad networks they may use are approved by Apple). Most of the changes did not appear to have a direct impact on end users. However, an indirect impact of Android apps being required to indicate if minors are a target audience led to the apparition of a parental guidance logo on the Google Play app product page.
  • On Google Play, developers choosing to remove intrusive SDKs from their app might benefit from a small boost in app visibility as smaller app sizes are considered a positive Android vital by Google’s algorithms.