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App Marketing Analytics – Users return to face-to-face shopping

With the huge changes in the mobile Internet environment, the focus of users and the way to buy has also changed, compared to the previous model of a single display of goods to consumers, users are more inclined to the real dialogue between people, the accelerated shuffle of the live industry, but also to accelerate the integration of the current mode of e-commerce.

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App Marketing Analytics – Users return to face-to-face shopping

Taobao live bright results, on the one hand, reflects the increasing acceptance of users for the form of video communication, on the other hand, also for the “live with goods” this business model ushered in a new wave.

Break the record

Live broadcast has become the new mainstream form of consumption, which is especially obvious in the past “Double 11”, according to Taobao live official data show that “Double 11” only 63 minutes after the opening, the turnover guided by live broadcast has exceeded last year’s According to the official data of Taobao Live, only 63 minutes after the opening of “Double 11”, the turnover of live broadcast has exceeded that of last year’s “Double 11”; 8 hours and 55 minutes, Taobao live broadcast has broken 10 billion; more than 50% of Tmall merchants have achieved new growth through live broadcast.

At present, in addition to Taobao home page with Taobao live entrance, Ali system in February this year officially shelved the official App of Taobao live. according to seven wheat data shows that this year, the “double 11” pre-sale first day, Taobao live in the App Store rankings that day soared all the way into the shopping free list Top3, iOS estimated downloads break 23w, and on November 11, the keyword “taobao live” search index is a new record high.

The president, the governor “sink” live broadcast room, netizens call grounded

The biggest difference between Taobao Live and other comprehensive live App is that this is the first live App that focuses on selling goods, the performance form from the dialogue between goods and people, into the dialogue between people, communication is more humane, but also more temperature. Zhao Yuanyuan, head of Taobao Live, has said at the 2019 Amoy Beauty Business Friendship Midyear Summit that “the persona of the live broadcast is not attractive, but grounded affinity, which itself has characteristics to attract people.”

Different Taobao anchor persona, the achievement of Taobao live content form of diversity. In addition to Li Jiaqi, Veya in the live broadcast of the famous actor Liu Tao, pop singer Zhou Chen Nan, Olympic champion Sun Yang, American fashion celebrity Kim Kardashian and other people to help, this year’s “Double 11” is the emergence of P&G and other global nearly 100 president / executive “sink ” live broadcast room for the brand to help, a number of county governors into the live broadcast room for farmers strength with goods and other new forms, greatly shortened the traditional marketing from sound to sales of the content of the long chain.

Star effect “adapted to local conditions”, people and goods matching more important

Although previously Li Jiaqi live non-stick pot overturned, Veya was Deng Lun fans crusade, but this does not seem to affect the influence of the two in the live with goods. the early morning of November 11, Veya’s live room viewership is fixed at 43.1 million, Li Jiaqi’s live room maximum simultaneous online number of people fixed at 36.8 million. At the same time, former Hunan TV hostess Christina Li was also working hard on her live broadcast, but the number of viewers was only 2 million.

This also reflects from the side, in the field of Taobao live, celebrities as guests in the live room, perhaps for live support. However, if the star becomes the anchor itself, it is not an easy task, and users are more willing to buy for the “civilian” goods of the showbiz weblebrity than the high unit price goods that match the star’s persona. To a certain extent, it is because the matching relationship between celebrities, merchandise and users is not accurate enough.


Although the growth of “live goods” has exploded, content should still be the king. Taobao, Jingdong, Jitterbug, and Raptor have made efforts to live-stream e-commerce, and “live-streaming” as a new traffic reservoir provides new hope and direction for products, but users are gradually desensitized to the rhetoric of live-streaming, and aesthetic fatigue is likely to occur for the head netizens, so developers should pay more attention to the maintenance and content construction of the product itself after getting traffic. Therefore, developers should pay more attention to the maintenance and content construction of the product itself.

Content should be differentiated, and attention should be paid to the adaptability of the user and the platform. Live broadcast has repeatedly appeared, and even if stars and big V bring their own traffic, they will have their own boundaries of bringing goods. The failure of the anchor with goods is jointly decided by the fan base and platform user traits, live with goods is not a panacea. Developers should consider the matching degree with their own products while widening the boundary, otherwise it will be counterproductive.