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Locket, a new image-sharing app, has jumped to number one on the App Store

A new image-sharing app is making waves on the Apple App Store. Locket is a new social app that lets you share images with your friends that are then displayed in a widget on that friend’s home screen. The app has jumped to the top of the App Store charts in the last week.


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The app was developed by Matt Moss, who is a former Apple Worldwide Developer Conference student scholarship winner. Moss initially built the app as a side project, but it quickly gained massive popularity thanks to some viral videos on TikTok.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Moss told the publication that he initially built the app as a present for his girlfriend’s birthday last year. “We were about to start a long-distance relationship,” he says. “The process of getting a little photo from her on my home screen…seemed really appealing.”

After initial development, Moss and his girlfriend began using the app pretty regularly over the last six months. Then, friends started taking notice and asking about the app, so Moss made it available to the public on the App Store.

But the app really started gaining traction when Moss uploaded a video to TikTok showing off what Locket could do. That video started raking in views, which led to other creators posting similar videos to their own TikTok pages, growing Locket’s reach even further.

As of now, the app has more than 2 million downloads, according to TechCrunch. That’s definitely some pretty impressive growth, considering Locket officially launched just a couple of weeks ago on New Year’s Day.

The app currently maintains the number one spot for all social apps on the App Store. And with the help of viral TikTok trends, I’d imagine that Locket will continue to soar in popularity in the coming months.