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Keyword Density for App Store Optimization

Keyword research is an essential part of App Store Optimization. Many of you have been asking us to provide more features for analysis in TheTool. Today we present the first of the tools for advanced research and optimization: Keyword Density.

Table of Contents

Powerful instruments for research and optimization

In order to help developers and marketers see if their app listing is optimized to appear in search results in the stores, we developed a simple, yet powerful tool that can go through the textual elements of the product page of any app and calculate the density of the keywords in the text, or identify the most frequent that appear there.

You can use this tool to analyze your own product page in any country, or get inspiration from any other app, identifying the most frequent search terms in their listing. You can even spy on your competitors and see what keywords they are using! 🙂

Keyword Density in TheTool

All our new mini-tools for App Store Optimization are located in the top menu of TheTool dashboard and can be applied to any app, not necessarily the ones you are tracking with the platform.

Analyze listing of any app on App Store or Google Play

In order to analyze the density of keywords of any app product page, follow these steps:

  1. Select the operating system (iOS or Android);
  2. Select the country you want to calculate density for;
  3. Introduce app URL or bundle name (ID);
  4. Select the minimum length of the keyword (in order to avoid prepositions);
  5. Select the maximum number of words to be included in one group (number of words in combinations);
  6. Click on “Get Density”!

If you want to add any of these keywords to your project and start tracking them in TheTool, select the ones that you want and choose an app and country to add them to:

Analyze textual fields before publishing an app

If you are just preparing to launch your app, analyzing the strength of your text metadata is essential. With Keyword Density tool, you can introduce all the textual elements of your app listing and see if there is a room for optimization.

Select the tab “Analyze text”, introduce all text metadata of your app and click on “Get Density”:

During this analysis you can instantly see if your metadata fields allow more characters to be used for introducing extra keywords, confirm that you core search terms are used enough times and get some ideas about other keywords and combinations that you may find useful.

Why is Search so important?

Without any doubt, search is the main source of app discovery. According to Apple, 65% of app installs come from Search.

In fact, the top positions in app discovery channels are shared by App Stores Search, Word of Mouth and General Web Browsing ( = web search). So, in total, over the half of app installs are coming from explicit and intentional search: both on the app stores and in web search, together.

Therefore, the first and the most important focus in ASO should be placed on search optimization.