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How to set a sleep timer for Apple Music on iPhone

Do you want to go to sleep listening to music? Do you just like the music to cease enjoying when you’re now not awake? Do you need to keep away from having the artists in your playlist affect your desires? You must.


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Whereas Apple Music itself doesn’t have a built-in sleep timer, you may rig the iOS Clock app to carry out the identical operate. The trick is easy however efficient.

Let’s talk about use the Clock app in iOS to set an Apple Music sleep timer.

Set an Apple music sleep timer in iOS

In case you are over Apple Music enjoying music all through the evening, right here’s use the Clock app to set a sleep timer:

  1. Launch Apple Music and begin enjoying tunes
  2. Launch the Clock app and faucet Timer
  3. Set the timer for the period of time you need the music to play
  4. Faucet When Timer Ends, choose Cease Taking part in, and faucet Set
  5. Faucet Begin

That’s it. Your tunes will stop to play when the timer expires, and you may proceed to sleep in peace.

Sleep timers ought to be out of date

Whereas sleep timers are helpful, they aren’t all the time correct. Understanding precisely once you’ll go to sleep will be troublesome, so that you run the chance of dozing off early and waking out of the blue to a loss of life metallic scream or dropping your music prematurely. Maybe there’s a greater answer.

The Apple Watch already tracks your sleep, so including a characteristic that pauses your tunes once you’re now not awake is smart. Or possibly an AI assistant that watches you whilst you sleep and controls your music can be one other a lot creepier possibility.