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How exactly does ASM charge?

When it comes to ASM, many developers only know that it is paid according to the CPT model, but they do not know the specific bidding principle. In order to let you understand it in more detail, we will tell you more about the bidding mechanism of ASM in this week’s mini-class.

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CPT Bidding

The bidders can set CPT bids for both Ad Group and Keyword.

Apple will suggest a price that cannot be lower than $0.01 or higher than $1000.

The Default CPT Bid for the Keyword dimension is set when the ad or keyword is created, and can be changed in the Edit ad group settings.

The CPT Bid for keywords can be set when you add keywords, and Apple does not provide bid suggestions at this time, the bid cannot be lower than 0.01 USD and cannot be higher than 1000 USD; if you do not set a separate bid for keywords, the default bid for keyword groups will be bid.

After adding a keyword, Apple will give you the current Bid Strength and Suggest Bid Range in the Keyword screen.

There are 4 bid strength states for keywords

Red: the current bid strength is weak, not competitive with other developers’ bids, and the possibility of displaying ads is relatively low, so it is recommended to increase the bid.

Yellow: the current bid advantage is medium, but there is still room to improve the competitiveness.

Green: indicates that the current bid has a strong advantage and is competitive compared to other developers’ bids.

No indicator: indicates that these conditions have occurred: insufficient data to suggest a bid range or measure bid advantage; keywords have been suspended; bid plan groups or bid plans have been suspended; and current bids have met Apple’s recommendations.

Developers can change keyword bids according to this part of the recommendation. Keyword bids can be changed one by one in the keyword interface, or in bulk.

Charging mode and bidding mechanism

ASM uses CPT (Cost Per Tap) pricing, which means that you pay per click, only when a user clicks on your ad. The actual cost per click depends on the next highest bid in the bidding, that is, 2nd Bid <CPT<Bid.

The bidding products for keyword A are: product a: $0.5, product b: $0.7, product c: $1.0.

CPT is: $ 0.7< CPT < $1.0.

(The above is for Apple Search Ads Advanced mode, Basic mode is according to CPI billing, that is, according to installation payment.

Influencing factors of bidding results

ASM ads will be assigned display volume based on product weight and bids

If the product weight is low, the ad will not be displayed no matter how high the bid is; similarly, when the bid is too low, even if the product weight is high, the ad will not be bid successfully. Only apps with high product weight and high bids will bid successfully and get more display volume.

The above is all about ASM bidding mechanism.

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