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Epic Seven – New Hero Hwayoung, Bad Cat Armin, Special Side Story, and Epic Pass Feb 2022

Patch Preview dwell streams are among the most hyped streams for the favored turn-based RPG Epic Seven, as they’re offered by Smilegate and hosted by group managers Mashuu and Gegury on their official YouTube channel . These dwell streams give all gamers an inventory of issues to stay up for, like the brand new occasions coming, new content material updates, and the varied new heroes launched to the sport. All gamers who watch these dwell streams additionally get varied codes that can be utilized to get free goodies in-game. For this week’s dwell stream, the code was – Valentine22. This code can be utilized within the present chest within the participant’s mailbox for 300,000 Gold and three Leifs.


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This week’s patch preview dwell stream began with increase a significant hype because the group supervisor was keen to provide the general ranking of the stream of 11/10. 2 new heroes have been revealed out of which 1 was aimed to counter the present menace of Violet in Enviornment. Hwayoung, a Hearth elemental Warrior sort unit was the primary unit revealed which might be coming to the sport subsequent week beginning February twenty fifth, 2022. A brand new pores and skin for Vivian together with a facet story was additionally teased which many gamers have been complicated for a restricted hero model for Vivian. This new Vivian pores and skin might be obtainable within the Epic Cross for Spring 2022. One other new ML 4-Star unit Unhealthy Cat Armin is being added to the rising roster of items in Epic Seven. Let’s get proper into the small print for the upcoming patch particulars as there’s rather a lot to cowl.

Hwayoung – Hearth Elemental 5-Star Unit

Hwayoung is the latest unit to affix the array of characters in Epic Seven. She is a 5-Star unit that might be obtainable to summon by way of covenant bookmarks on her personal Summoning banner after the replace on twenty fourth February 2022. So, ensure to avoid wasting a number of bookmarks for her as her if you wish to pull her. She will not be a restricted unit as many gamers have been anticipating, therefore she might be obtainable by way of covenant summons as effectively. At max degree and woke up, Hwayoung has a really excessive base Assault of 1510 and a median pace of 109. Gamers will be capable of enhance the Effectiveness of all allies with Imprint Launch and enhance their very own Assault utilizing Imprint Focus.

Hwayoung is trying to be a robust counter to Evasion-based items like Violet, Remnant Violet, Milim, Celine, and so forth. She is principally centered on PvP like Enviornment and World Enviornment as her expertise deal injury based mostly on her Assault and deal further injury together with her 1st talent whether or not or not the Assault misses or hits. Her final capacity additionally lets her deal penetrative injury which suggests she ignores Protection whereas self-cleansing herself from all debuffs and giving Immunity for two turns.

Hwayoung can also be an ideal counter to bruisers and tank heroes as her third talent Emperor’s Flaming Strike offers extra injury the extra distinction there may be between the MAX HP of the attacker and enemy, as much as a most of 100%. This makes Hwayoung a queen towards heroes like Apocalypse Ravi, Fallen Cecilia, and so forth that are very prevalent within the meta at the moment. That is the primary time a single unit can counter Protection based mostly heroes, MAX HP-based heroes, and even evasion-based heroes as much as a sure diploma. This makes her very profitable to summon for and we extremely suggest summoning her in your Epic Seven journey.

Her 1st talent Supersonic Kick is a single focused damaging talent that will increase her fight readiness by 10%. It should additionally deal further mounted injury proportional to her Assault when she is buffed which is able to do the injury no matter this assault hitting or lacking the goal. Her 2nd talent Prairie Hawk is a passive capacity that states Hwayoung can’t do essential hits however her Assault will increase by 35%. The injury taken additionally will get decreased by 30% from essential hits by enemies. It additionally states that after the beginning of the battle and finish of the flip, Hwayoung will get a Barrier buff for 1 flip which is the same as her Assault.

Hwayoung’s expertise are as follows: –

Supersonic Kick – Assaults the enemy with a kick and will increase Fight Readiness of the caster by 10%. When the caster is buffed, inflicts further injury proportional to the caster’s Assault no matter whether or not the Assault hits.

Prairie Hawk – The caster can’t set off a essential hit, however Assault will increase by 35%. Injury suffered from a essential hit decreases by 30%. When a couple of injury discount impact is granted, solely the strongest impact is utilized. Initially of the battle and on the finish of the flip, grants a barrier to the caster for 1 flip. Barrier energy will increase proportionally to the caster’s Assault.

Emperor’s Flaming Strike – After dispelling all debuffs from the caster, assaults the enemy with a secret approach and grants immunity to the caster for two turns. Penetrates the goal’s Protection. When the goal’s max well being is bigger than the caster’s max Well being, injury dealt will increase proportional to the distinction, as much as a most of 100%.

Indestructible Gaiters (New Artifact) – Will increase Assault by 10%. If a non-critical hit is made when attacking with a Single Assault, has a 100% probability to burn for 1 flip.

Unhealthy Cat Armin – New Darkish Elemental 4-Star Unit

This new hero got here as a shocker for your complete group as no person was anticipating a brand new ML unit after the final one – Lionheart Cermia simply got here final to final week. The latest ML unit which is coming to Epic Seven is Unhealthy Cat Armin, a Darkish elemental 4-Star Warrior class unit. Unhealthy Cat Armin seems to be to be an ideal Assist sort warrior unit that doesn’t deal injury by itself however can assist your DPS items to get further turns.

Her 1st talent Are You Prepared?! is a single focused damaging talent that offers injury based mostly on her MAX HP. This talent additionally offers Accidents to items hit and the severity of Accidents is instantly proportional to her MAX HP. When this talent is used on Unhealthy Cat Armin’s flip, it will likely be an AOE talent which suggests it is going to goal all enemies. Her 2nd talent Catch ‘Em is a passive capacity that states when Unhealthy Cat Armin takes injury, she has a 30% probability to extend the essential hit injury of the foremost ally and counterattack with him. Nevertheless, this talent can’t be triggered by further assaults or counterattacks. Her third talent Is This It?! Nyahaha! is a single focused damaging capacity that offers injury to the enemy based mostly on her Most Well being. This talent additionally grants all allies with a Barrier buff for two turns whereas granting a Pace buff for two turns to herself.

Unhealthy Cat Armin’s expertise are as follows: –

Are You Prepared?! – Assaults the enemy with a large defend, inflicting accidents. Injury dealt will increase proportional to the caster’s max Well being. The severity of accidents will increase proportional to wreck dealt. Accidents lower max Well being of the goal by as much as 5% each time this talent is used. When used on the caster’s flip, Are You Prepared?! adjustments into an assault that targets all enemies. The modified assault doesn’t set off a Twin Assault.

Catch ‘Em – After being attacked, has a 30% probability to extend Essential Hit Injury of the foremost ally for 1 flip, earlier than making the foremost ally counterattack. Can’t be triggered by additional assaults or counterattacks.

Is This It?! Nyahaha!– Assaults the enemy with an enormous explosion, earlier than granting elevated Pace to the caster for two turns, and a barrier to all allies for two turns. Injury dealt and barrier energy will increase proportionally to the caster’s max Well being.

Particular Aspect Story – Seven Sweethearts Week 2 Begins

The Aspect Story titled Seven Sweethearts which is at the moment being re-run because the Valentine’s Particular Aspect Story options the group of Lucy and her associates embarking on an journey. The story description reads – “When many golf equipment in Reingar are found to be on the point of collapse, the Pupil Council begins planning a competition throughout which all golf equipment can promote themselves. Many various departments and golf equipment be a part of forces to carry the competition, and so they all start to benefit from the competition in their very own method…”

Gamers can play Seven Sweethearts Aspect Story by going to Journey – Aspect Story – Seven Sweethearts. It’s a 2-week facet story that shows the story for Lucy, who may also be obtainable as a free character to acquire should you clear the Repute missions. It’s going to be like your normal facet story the place gamers should roam across the occasion map and clear the varied phases. This facet story has particular missions the place you must clear the precise phases and you can be rewarded with 3 stars for that stage. The facet story has 4 totally different maps with 2 maps sharing their occasion foreign money and the opposite 2 having their very own occasion currencies.

Gamers can play the facet story stage and grind them repeatedly to gather the occasion currencies for this occasion referred to as Membership Pageant Tickets, Unlucky-Trying Chocolate, and Temporal Hint. Gamers can farm these occasion currencies a number of instances by repeating the boss phases positioned in every map. Gamers can additional trade their collected occasion foreign money within the occasion trade store for good-looking rewards like MolaGora, Larger and Lesser Artifact Charms, Penguins, Epic, and Uncommon Catalysts, Giga Phantasms, Covenant Bookmarks, and Gold. Gamers can even get many Leifs and Transit stones by finishing the varied quests from the Reputations. Other than these normal rewards, an unique hero which is simply obtained from this particular facet story referred to as Lucy might be obtainable within the Change Store. Gamers can stand up to a most of 6 copies of her to allow them to max imprint her without spending a dime. The 4-Star artifact XIV. Temperance may also be obtainable together with Lucy within the trade store.

Remember that boss phases in Epic Seven which are marked by cranium give extra occasion foreign money and Expertise general, therefore, they’re advisable to be farmed over different phases within the occasion. Throughout this facet story, if gamers use the heroes: Yuna, Celine, Iseria, Lucy then their stats might be elevated within the following method: Stage 60/ Woke up to 6-Star/ +15 Enhanced Expertise/Assault and Well being elevated by 30%.  If gamers use the next heroes: Doll Maker Pearlhorizon, Judith, All-Rounder Wanda, Pearlhorizon, Wanda then their stats might be elevated within the following method: Assault and Well being elevated by 30%. Gamers can even get bonus occasion foreign money when clearing phases with heroes outfitted with the next artifacts – XIV Temperance, Secret Artwork – Storm Sword, and Tune of Stars.

Epic Cross – Spring 2022 Is Coming!

A brand new Epic Cross has additionally been launched and is out there for all gamers to buy utilizing their skystones. The brand new epic cross titled “Spring 2022 Is Coming” options the latest revealed pores and skin for Vivian – Villainess Vivian. Gamers can get this pores and skin for 1800 sky stones by upgrading their regular epic cross to a particular epic cross. They may also get bonus premium rewards like Gold Transmit Stones, MolaGora, Charms, Covenant Bookmarks, and Historical Cash by doing so and finishing the totally different ranges of the Epic Cross.

Gamers can improve the extent of their battle cross by gaining Season EXP by way of these strategies: –

  • Use Power – 5 Season EXP Per Power Spent
  • Use Enviornment Flags – 60 Season EXP Per Flag Spent
  • Use Labyrinth Compass – 1440 Season EXP Per Labyrinth Compass Used
  • Use Abyss Information – 480 Season EXP Per Abyss Information Used

Gamers can get extra EXP by spending their skystones at the price of 100 Skystones per degree. The battle cross in complete comprises 30 ranges. Upon buying the premium or particular epic cross, gamers can routinely get 10 ranges. We extremely suggest gamers going for these Epic Passes as they’re definitely worth the worth they supply.

February – March 2022 Drop Fee-Up Banners

  • Hwayoung with Indestructible Gaiters (Regular Summon Banner 24/02/2022 – 10/03/2022)
  • Kawerik with Black Hand of the Goddess (Regular Summon Banner 24/03/2022 – 3/03/2022)
  • Arbiter Vildred with Unhealthy Cat Armin (Mystic Summon Banner 24/2/2022 – 10/03/2022)

That’s it for all information concerning these bi-weekly patch notes for Epic Seven. Gamers can be happy to learn the official patch notes to get a greater understanding of the content material coming.