Game User retention

App Store Game Promotion Focus: New Mobile Game User Retention Strategy

Game User retention

User retention for mobile games is a tricky challenge. It is relatively easy and cheap for new users to download and install the game, at only $1.47 per user in the United States.

However, it is very difficult to attract these users and to induce them to make in-app purchases. According to Liftoff’s data, these settings will increase the app to an average of $43.88.

Now, Wappier, an app and enterprise platform that uses machine learning to help increase revenue opportunities for app developers, has released “Mobile Game Retention: The Ultimate Guide.”

This resource is written for mobile game developers who want to get the attention of game readers.

With the huge opportunities in the current game market, the competition is also extremely fierce. Many developers and publishers are also working hard to create innovative and attractive strategies to allow their users to continue playing their games.

Alex Moukas, CEO of wappier, said: “At Wappier, we are fortunate to work closely with some of the most successful mobile game developers in the world. “We know that we can successfully complete the strategy of entry, notification, and loyalty program (the entire mobile game ecosystem). . This guide will be invaluable to help build long-term participation and a group of participants who can promote sustainable development. ”

For example, a quarter of applications are opened only once after downloading. Player rewards and quick contextual summaries can be useful tools to promote re-engagement.

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